3 Basic things you have to know in Computer Era

21st century is a time to become digital as time will come when nothing will be possible without help of computer. So, if you are person that does not know much about computer should learn this 3 basic thing which will help in improving your computer operating skills.

Where ever you go, whatever the job you have or whatever the business you are in, you have to need help some times in your routine to take help of computer. So, let me put those 3 points which people should know about computer atleast.

  • How to start and Shut

Well, yeah that’s the first thing that you need to know, its like a TV only, just need to press a start button and your computer will start processing, it will ask for your password, enter it and here you are in. The second thing is to shut down the computer. You should keep this in mind, that there is a shortcut key to shut down the computer and that is Alt+F4, choose shut down there, and its done.

  • Typing

Typing is the most important thing to know about computer. If you are not good at typing then its like you are a 2 year kid who is playing with his toy. Slowely..slowely, You can take help of some website who helps in typing for beginners. In a few days or in a month you will become a fluent type writer.

  • Excel, Power Point and Word

These 3 are the basic software to know about computer.  If you are at job and your boss asked to do some calculations making some sheets, then you have to take help of one of this software, so you should learn about this, watching some online tutorials or youtube videos.

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