4 Reasons to Go for Customized Website Vs Template Based

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In today’s time, more and more people are shifting to the online shopping platform to buy various goods and services. The ease of shopping from the comfort of own location, at own convenient time and without checking the endless shops is proving to be irresistible for a growing number of people.

But to capture the benefit of such shifting trend, you need to have an impressive online presence in terms of various social media platforms, online advertisements, etc. But the most important among all these is your own and unique website.

    1. Why own website?

After getting the attention from your clients, you need to lead them to a destination where they will be able to view your products and services and buy them. Most of your ad’s viewers might not be interested in visiting your store in person due to various reasons. In such case, and when you want to increase your customer base and reach, you need to have an e-commerce website.

    1. What is customized website and a template-based website?

Just like clothes, furniture and many other things, website too have the option of customization and a pre-defined, template one.

In customized website, you hire a website development company service provider and get the website designed as per your liking and need. Whereas, the template-based website is the one which has a limited number of pre-defined design options, page options, etc.

    1. Why One Should Choose Customized Website?

      1. Unique design

You can get your website to have a unique look in terms of not only the color scheme, background and images, etc. but also the user interface. You can even get the developer to create a simple yet classic or a subtly colorful website design, which will add to the overall look and attractiveness of the website. This becomes possible if you choose an efficient web design service provider.

Whereas, a template-based website will give only a limited number of options to choose from. This is limited not only in terms of number and types of pages but also in terms of how the pages can be designed, how many products can be added, what details can be added in them, etc.

      1. Work-testing

Most of the browsers don’t support the template-based websites due to various privacy restrictions, device’s technological settings, etc. This can limit your website’s and your business’ reach instead helping in expansion. One of the reasons for such problem is that the template-based websites don’t have the option of using the latest technology either.

On the other hand, customized website can be made using the technology of your choice so that you can have a better reach to your target audience and potential buyers. Such website is also tested in terms of being browser friendly, across most commonly used browsers.

      1. Adaptability

Customized websites are more flexible, hence more adaptable to your business’s needs. You can easily plan on adding new products and services, adding a completely new section and so on. All these without worrying that whether your existing template-based website will support it or not. Because, as mentioned earlier, template-based websites provide only a limited number of facilities and options, which may mar your business’s growth and expansion plan.

      1. Website support

This can be termed as one of the most important and deciding aspect in choosing from ‘customized website’ and a ‘template-based website’. We all know that technology is advancing every day and by leaps and bounds. And this advancing technology can render your website’s technology obsolete if not adapted according to the new technological trends.

And you get this benefit if you choose customized website design because then, you can approach the developer to make the required changes as and when required and just enjoy the growth of your business.

There are many other factors too, apart from the above listed one which suggest that having a ‘customized website’ is imperative for your business if you wish to grow and expand it on the online platform in the longer run.

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