4 reasons why gig workers are in great demand

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Gig economy comprises of independent freelancer and contractors who choose working with each other on single assignments out of organizational framework. This economy is thriving fast and attracting everybody who cannot keep up with the demands of working in a 9 to 5 environment. The employers are also falling in love with this pattern of hiring people only when needed. The gig workers are fitting the bill of the employers appropriately because:

  1. They tend to give their 100 p.c. when the work assigned to them utilizes their real talent. The gig workers need not follow organizational rules but are committed to complete the assignment within the stipulated deadline.
  2. The gig workers love to pave their own way to reach the results. They do not require guidance and training. Their ability to work on their own with minimal inputs save the employers’ cost and money in training.
  3. There is no extra financial cost involved in hiring gig workers. The employers are liable to pay only for the work done and have no liability to extend any perks or assistance to them.
  4. Gig workers from any part of the world can be recruited using platforms like cloudtower. Thus, the employers are able to have the best hand for the job. They may find less costly talent for the job when the freedom to look beyond the geographical boundary is there.

And what gig workers get out of this arrangement?

Indulging in gig economy is a win-win situation for both the freelancers and their hirers. The freelancers take this opportunity for the freedom such assignments come with. They get time (between the two assignments) to take care of their other obligations. Sometimes, health issues and domestic problems also propel them towards such structure of employment.

Thus, gig economy is certainly the ray of hope for many individuals who had talent but lost their jobs or had talent but not the temperament to work under anybody.

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