4 Reasons Why Surround Sound is Better Than the Audio Coming From Your TV

One of the most important investments for your home is a good TV, but sometimes it might not be enough, especially when you’re a certified audiophile. If immersive experiences and sound quality are your top priorities in building your home theater system, then it’s time for an audio upgrade.

A home theater surround sound speaker system will give you the upper hand as compared to just listening to the audio emitted from your TV set. The popularity of having good quality speakers on a TV can only go so much. A surround sound speaker system, on the other hand, will deliver a highly convincing full-range audio experience that might even make your head spin with excitement. Here are some of the best reasons why you should switch to a home theater surround sound speaker system today instead of just wasting away listening to what your TV can offer regarding audio.

Pinpoint Accuracy of the Soundstage

When you’re watching movies on a large screen TV, or any-sized television set for that matter, the display will take up most if not all of your field of vision. As a result, the sound feels like it’s coming from all over the place instead of originating from specific points. With a surround sound speaker system, you’ll have the advantage of listening to all the audio with pinpoint accuracy. In other words, you’ll be hearing the sounds from the center, left, front, and right sides of the room. It even gives you a sense of depth and space when you’re listening to specific pieces of audio, and this can be impossible to imitate with your TV’s built-in speaker system.

Hear Every Word

Have you ever experienced watching a movie and then the person right next to you keeps on asking, “What did he say?” It’s an annoying part of any movie-goer’s experience, but with a home theater surround sound speaker setup, you won’t have to deal with this situation any longer. It’s because the human voice is an integral part of any home theater experience. When you have a dedicated center channel speaker, then it’ll help in rendering dialogues and vocals with nothing but crisp clarity. Note that about 70% of the audio content will run through the center channel at any given moment in the film, show, or the music track you’re listening. As such, having a dedicated speaker will help in anchoring the front stage right between the left and right main speakers to let you experience a truly majestic audio experience.

Powerful Bass to Go Around Across the Room

The audio coming from your TV might let you hear explosions, but can you “feel” them? With a home theater speaker system, especially if you have a surround sound setup, you’ll enjoy all the blasts and explosions from Michael Bay movies, and even when the bass drops from your favorite EDM tracks.

Adjustments in the Sweet Spots

There’s a lot of convenience in listening to the audio coming from your TV. After all, there’s no additional installation if you do. However, if you want to gain more out of your home sound experience, then spend a bit of time, effort, and money in investing in an excellent home theater system. With the system at play, you’re going to notice that the entire room is your “sweet spot.” In other words, no matter where you may go inside the room, you’re always going to get the most out of the entire audio experience, which would otherwise be an impossibility if you’re only relying on your TV’s speakers.

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