5 Compelling Reasons to Switch from Analog Cameras to Digital Video Recorders

The security cameras that were first launched in the market were analog cameras. But with the new developments in the field of technology, the analog cameras kept getting improved and a new type of security camera came into existence, which was called Digital Video Recorders.

All the aspects of the analog cameras have been taken over by the digital technology. The most frequently used digital video recorders are the IP-based security cameras. There are many businesses that feel that shifting from analog to digital cameras is unnecessary because the analog cameras are functioning properly. But in times to come, there may be a threat to security, which the analog cameras might not be able to detect. In such a case, it becomes mandatory to update the technology so that you can cope up with the latest security concerns.

If we look at the digital products that are getting popular in the field of surveillance, it is Hikvision DVR. Backdoor vulnerabilities are best handled by such cameras. There are multiple reasons why you should switch to digital video recorders from analog cameras, though here we have listed the top 5 compelling reasons.

  1. Better Picture Quality- Analog cameras offer you a standard regulation of the picture quality, but when it comes to the digital video recorders, they offer you a large resolution, which can be changed according to your requirements.
  2. Video Analytics- The analog cameras are capable of recording only the footages. In case of a digital video recorder, the recorder can also mark a few footages based on the analytics that show certain unusual behaviour. In case of any accident, the digital video recorder is going to play only these marked footages.
  3. Easy Installation- When compared to the installation procedure of the analog cameras, digital video recorders are easy to install. There is a universal plug technology that makes the configuration and installation of digital cameras very convenient and fast.
  4. Scalability- Analog cameras can record, store and process the data when they are connected to a DVR. But they have a limitation as there are only a few ports available. This limitation does not exist in case of digital cameras and thus they are more scalable.
  5. Reliability- Even in terms of reliability, digital cameras are way better than analog cameras. They are faster, sturdy and robust.

All these advantages will surely convince you to switch to a digital video recorder from an analog camera.


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