5 Cool things about toner Cartridges and why you should get one?

Are you still using inkjet printers for your business?

If you were using means you should try to upgrade because while you are at home you can definitely use old inkjet printers but coming to your business you should change your opinion. Because laser printers with toner cartridges are far more efficient to develop your business.

That’s why most of the experts and business holders recommend LaserJet toner cartridge over the ink printers.

Now if you are not aware of toner cartridge I’ll explain in a simple manner.

What is toner cartridge?

The toner cartridge is a simple consumable component which is used in the latest laser printers. Here the toner cartridges contain a fine dry mixture of plastic particles, toner powder, carbon and the coloring agent which make the actual picture. The toner is transferred via electrostatically charged drum unit to the paper.

Coming to the toner cartridges the HP is the best one to have a glance at. I will cover some cool things about the HP toner cartridges in this article which makes you change your mind to get one for your business.

Cool Things about the HP Toner Cartridges?

As you know Hp always keeps reinventing the best and most preferred printers in the world. It has done the same thing with toner cartridges as well.

  1. Fast and Consistent:

The Hp toner cartridges have been made with jet intelligence. These printers are precisely designed and engineered toner cartridges. So you these toner cartridges are fast and they are consistent. You can easily count on them for your business tasks.

  1. Page Maximizer technology:

Toner cartridges have special technology included that is page maximizer technology. This technology intelligently detects the cartridge system wear, and provide improved performance and gives you more pages than other printers.

  1. ColorSpere 3 toner Especially in Hp Toner Cartridges:

This is a feature is reformulated to accomplice smaller and faster printers for high-speed printing from the first page to final last page.

  1. Anti-Fraud Technology & Print Gauge Technology:

This feature in Hp Cartridge will provide authentication to help users to protect themselves from the fraud and supports printer fleet policies.

The Print Gauge technology gathers all the key information required and deliver a simple gauge. It simply predicts the cartridge life by measuring the component rotation, toner wear and other environmental conditions. It also tracks toner levels which help you to endure and track the prints you are getting from it.

  1. Auto-Seal Remover:

Auto seal remover helps you to avoid get smudgy fingers while changing the toner cartridge. Usually when you try changing older versions you fingers will get smudgy in this new version it is having toner deal inside the toner cartridge so it is easy to remove.

Now, then you might be interested in buying this toner cartridge. If you want to buy it means you can get the high quality and assuredHP Toner Cartridges 123ink.ca for low price.

Why use one for your business:

After seeing above points you will definitely think about this toner cartridge for your business because this is very efficient in handling prints. And it is also best for getting lots of work done without older inkjet toners.

  • Along with these toner cartridges usually melts and fuses quickly. So it will protect your business printouts and your printer by extremely low melt point.
  • These toner cartridges give you blazing speed and it will match your fusing temperature and any paper type to print.
  • With these cartridges you can print the perfect color you will not get any color disturbances in your company printouts.
  • It uses static electricity which means it turns static cling from a problem into the flawless printing solutions.

These above reasons are more than enough to tell you why you need one for your business.

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