5 Features And Benefits Of The iModernize Tool By Fresche Solutions That You Should Be Aware Of

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Before you can actually pace through the benefits offered by the iModernize tool, it’s relevant that you learn what is it and why do you need it?

What Does App Modernization Mean?

Talking specifically about the IBM I apps, modernization means upgrading the current applications with the help of innovative tools in order to make the apps more useful. And similarly, iModernize is a specific tool that is fabricated for the purpose of transforming legacy languages in the IBM OS into Java and .NET.

What Are The Best Features Of The iModernize Tools?

Now that you’ve been made aware of the purpose of the iModernize tool, it’s about time that you should be made aware of the features and benefits of this tool too. Read through to learn more details.

  1. Complete language transformation during Fresche rpg migration is necessary. And iModernize is an automated analysis tool that completely transforms old computer languages into java by upgrading the older programs fully
  2. The iModernize tool prepares an accurate report on the current code quality by comparing the efficiency difference between the codes before and after the language transformation procedure. It helps in evaluating the fact if modernization is proving beneficial for your business or not
  3. The iModernize tool can offer valuable suggestions in order to help and improve the code quality. The suggestions come in the form of what new systems and technologies can be migrated in the OS to make the software better. The purpose is still the same – generation of better code quality
  4. The iModernize tool is a futurist tool that can save your business from monetary losses caused by project failure. This benefit comes from the power of the iModernize tool that helps in identifying the compatibility of every new technology with the OS during the migration phase. This information is beneficial because you can replace the incompatible technology with the compatible one even before the project gets started
  5. The accuracy and efficiency of the iModernize tool are the 2 most invaluable benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked. Since the system is automated, human error finds no place; hence, the transformation procedure is extremely accurate. Besides, this is a smart automated tool that runs scans from time to time. Software scanning is done with the purpose of monitoring any dip in the code quality

On a closing note, the iModernize tool is one of the best transformation tools that helps in customizing the IBM I apps to allow integration with advanced user interface systems like GUI for improved navigation and data transfer speed.

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