5 Fun and Creative Ways to Promote a New Brand

Marketing methods have evolved from how it was several decades ago. In the past, you can rely solely on informing your audience about how your products or services work and that would be marketing.

Today, however, you need to promote a new brand in creative ways just to be noticed. Your product has to stand out from the crowd and the best way to do this is to promote your brand in a fun and creative way.

Why So Serious?

When you are a new brand, your audience would want to know who you are and what you do instead of just the specifics of your brand. As such, you should promote your brand and products with a lighthearted or humorous tone instead of the bland, informative video.

Some of the most popular digital ads are over 5 minutes long, but the storylines are so entertaining that people watch it to the end!

Videos like this can be used for both your digital marketing efforts and traditional media, such as the TV. If your brand promotion does not rely too much on graphics, you can even advertise on the radio as well.

Make That Music Video

Catchy tunes stick to your brain long after the song has ended. Imagine the possibilities if you can write your lyrics and match it with a melody that makes people click on the replay button over and over again?

Start by coming up with a brand slogan, and work your way to the complete music video from there. This could be a good time to loop in a few influencers as well! Having some social media hotshots in your video will always give it an extra boost.

Hold Giveaways & Contests

No one cares if you are an established brand or a brand new one if you are holding a giveaway. Host an online contest with a hashtag and invite people to use the hashtag or share a post of yours for a chance to win something that your brand provides. Everyone wants something for nothing.

The key to remember in this marketing strategy is that people love free stuff. What are a few free samples or free consultations in return for your brand awareness?

Retro is the New Modern

Digital ads are everywhere nowadays, and we’re receiving emails instead of letters or, say, a message in a bottle. Notice how the older media starts to become more interesting for the current generation?

Pique your audience’s interest by folding a brochure or even a paper with a single QR code on it into a bottle, and put these bottles with a sign inviting people to take one! With a marketing initiative so old that it’s new again, your brand is sure to get recognised.

Pay Attention to the Visuals

We’re not just talking about the digital ads or billboard ads either. Do you have an office or a shop lot? Paint over the walls with bright-coloured murals or other artworks to catch attention from passers-by.

An interesting signboard and a good exterior is a first step to get people interested. If your clients are going to enter your premise, remember to keep the interiors decorated too!

If your office looks artistic or creative enough, you might end up being shared on someone’s blogs or Instagram. That’s free exposure!

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