5 Ways to Build your Ecommerce Brand with Social Media Marketing

Social media is expanding with super fast speed, and all marketers suggest using it for your brand promotion. So, how exactly you garner traffic from social media, increase conversion rate and how to have loyal customers for your e-commerce brand. You need to understand that social media marketing is beyond the limitation of likes on a post or followers on integral or twitter account, It is all about creating a relationship with the target audience. So, let’s explore the ways to build your e-commerce brand with social media marketing.

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  1. Audience engagement on social media

On social media, an ecommerce business should create a meaningful relationship with prospective buyers. It doesn’t matter what kind of social network you choose, you need to initiate a conversation with them. To have a dual side communication, you can post relevant photos, ask questions, participate in chats, and share content that gives value to the audience.

  1. Offer value to your followers

People follow a brand or company on social media because they want to get value from it. You need to understand that there are more than hundreds of e-commerce websites out there, that provides consumers a lot of options to choose from. To have higher conversion rate and more business, you need to give value to your buyers. This value could be a discount, new products that you can share with the help of social media.

  1. Find what your customers need

Indeed, you cannot fulfill every demand, but many times a lot of customers want the same thing. Simply following your customers or listening to them can help you understand these needs. Once you know their need, respond accordingly. If you can fulfill their demands, give a time frame for this on the social network and abide that commitment. In most of the cases, it is not practical to do as your customers want and if that is the case, deny the request with politeness.

  1. Integrate your social media with website

These days, it is easy to integrate social media with an existing website. Have a link sharing option on your website or all of its pages. This will give a better control to website visitors, and they can share a product on their social-networking accounts with ease. This sharing can increase your SEO ranking, and work as a great inbound marketing tool as well for you.

  1. Show your products regularly

People show more interest in things when are in action. For better inbound marketing with social media, it is a wise idea to share images of the products on the social network. Also, you can make different interesting videos of those products. Those videos and images can surely create a buzz among users that may excite them and create an urge in them to buy it.


These are a few of the best inbound marketing methods that can help you have higher conversion rate with the help of social media marketing. But when you try this method to build your Ecommerce brand, make sure you stay focused on your target, instead of bombarding information while provide value to your customers.

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