6 Underrated But Surprisingly Effective SEO Strategies for Businesses to Consider

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When it comes to ranking in Google and search engine optimization at large, businesses are always looking for ways to one-up their competition.

And while aggressive link-building and targeting long-tail keywords can certainly pay dividends, they aren’t the only way to beef up your search rankings.

In fact, there are some minor SEO tweaks and tactics that deserve your attention, many of which are totally overlooked by businesses at large.

Which means if you can tap into them, you’re taking small steps to stay ahead of competitors.

Consider the following six SEO strategies that could very well be the difference in regard to your rankings. The good news is that many of these tips are fairly straightforward and can be rolled out in no time flat.

Image Optimization

Perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of on-site optimization is your imagery.

Factors such as alt-tags can help your site’s images rank in Google search, as does having sleek, optimized imagery that signals your site as something professional. Similarly, compressed images can help guarantee that your site doesn’t run slowly or feel buggy to visitors.

With the help of the best free logo design tools, and double-checking your settings in WordPress, you can guarantee that your imagery looks totally clean to your traffic while attracting attention from search engines.

Updating Old Content

Especially if you have a company blog with content that’s already ranking, some quick updates can make it feel brand new without reinventing the wheel. For example, take a look at your top-performing older posts and consider quick revisions such as…

  • Updating dates (think: repurposing a guide from 2015 to be relevant in 2018) and links or sources within your content to be more timely with today’s readers
  • Toss in some additional images or YouTube embeds to make your content more scroll-friendly and readable for mobile users
  • Rewrite passages of your posts based on the keywords that your content is ranking for

Voice Search and Colloquial Keywords

Speaking of mobile users, the rise of mobile queries and searching via voice commands has changed the game in terms of what keywords businesses should target.

Optimizing for voice search requires us to think about what a spoken query on-the-go might sound like. In most cases, this means long-tail or how-to queries (for example: “how to change tail light 2013 Ford Fiesta”). Although these may not be 100% grammatically correct, basing content around similar terms is a smart move.

Blog Commenting

Leaving meaningful comments on relevant blogs in your niche is a simple yet totally overlooked SEO tactic.

Although blog comments are often no-follow links, they do create new avenues for traffic on sites that are already scoring plenty themselves. Especially if you’re sharing a compelling on-site link, you might be surprised at how much traffic you can funnel on-site. It all boils down to providing value and choosing sites who already boast active, comment-friendly communities.

Page Speed

Slow sites correlate with high bounce rates, plain and simple. If your homepage is bloated with massive images and videos, it might be time for an overhaul for the sake of keeping visitors glued to the page. Likewise, investigate your WordPress themes and plugins to ensure that you’re not needlessly bogging your site down.

Underrated YouTube Tactics

Finally, consider how some of the most powerful SEO strategies come from the likes of YouTube. For example, here are three highly effective ways to get more eyes on your brand and subsequently your site via YouTube:

  • Including links to your site and blog posts in your video descriptions
  • Optimizing your video titles and tags for relevant keywords you’re targeting on-site
  • Using YouTube transcripts for SEO by ensuring that keywords are spoken in your videos so your content pops up when it’s crawled by search engines

Although some SEO tips may be glaringly obvious, these oftentimes fly under the radar. Don’t neglect the power of the “small stuff,” especially given that the search landscape is so competitive. Remember: anything you can do to make your site stand out to Google is a point in your favor.

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