7 Futuristic Features Present in Mobile Phones Today

Most smartphones today have all the basic features: email, internet accessibility, a camera, the basic version of Facebook and other downloadable apps, and the ability to send text messages and make calls.

But aside from these, mobile phones today offer some advanced features as well. The desire to have access to these features and capabilities can easily inspire you to switch phones or perhaps think about getting an upgrade.

Here are seven great futuristic features that mobile phones today offer:

1. Water Resistance

Although waterproof phones have already existed for several years, they are often made to be quite bulky. Also, they do not have the apps and other features that smartphones have right now. And yes, you have the option to buy waterproof phone cases, but these are expensive and can make your phone even heavier.

Samsung recently released its water-resistant version of the Galaxy S4. Compared to the standard Galaxy S4, this is a bit thicker and its camera has fewer megapixels. Still, it offers a stylish design and a 5-inch screen. The phone’s instructions for use say that you can place it in up to three feet of water for no more than 30 minutes, provided that you cover the power port.

A water-resistant phone comes in handy if you want to bring your phone whenever you go swimming, diving and engaging in other water-based activities.

2. Easy Selfie Mode

Most people today love taking selfies, but it can be an awkward process. You must extend your arm as far as you can and use your fingers to press the capture button. Often, this can lead to blurry photos or images that are not properly focused on you.

Phone manufacturers have now found a way to help customers take better selfies. After switching to the front camera of your phone and pressing the shutter button, a timer begins automatically. This will allow you time to find the best angle for your self-portrait. So if you love taking selfies, your next phone must have this countdown timer built into its camera.

3. VR-Ready Display

Experience the best virtual reality experience by opting for smartphones featuring displays that compare well with high-quality VR headsets. Google and Samsung have phones with proper VR controllers, making VR experiences more viable.

4. Slow Motion Video Capture

Have you ever visited The Slo Mo Guys’ YouTube channel? Their featured videos let you witness and appreciate things that cannot be easily recognized by your naked eye.

Expensive cameras were used to create these videos. Today, you can easily create your own slo-mo videos using your phone. Sony Xperia XZ Premium can shoot videos at 960FPS which captures around 40 times more frames per second than what the standard cinema does. The result is a slowed-down footage which is a great feature when capturing, for example, water flowing down a fountain.

5. Laptop-Grade Storage

Mobile phones are catching up with light, slim laptops when it comes to the power they wield. In fact, they have already caught up on storage. Some phones today offer up to 256GB storage which is equivalent to the amount of storage you get from some portable laptops.

Laptops use an SSD for this kind of storage while phones use tiny NAND chips that are smaller than memory cards. The speed of high-quality chips can also match a mid-range SSD which has read speeds of 850MB/s. This shows how far miniaturization has evolved through time.

6. Fingerprint Sensor

Mobile biometrics claims to offer convenience and security. Phone manufacturers have added biometric recognition to smartphones, with fingerprint recognition being the most used form of biometrics. Based on a report by Counterpoint Market Research, there will be over 1 billion smartphones with fingerprint biometrics this year.

Fingerprint sensors are a breeze to use. With just a touch of your finger, your phone is unlocked! This means that you do not have to struggle to remember your PINs, patterns or passwords.

However, the matter of fingerprint security can be subjective. Also, this will depend on how critical the data on your phone is. You might need stronger security features like Kaspersky Internet security mobile if your phone contains financial information, business data, details about national security and other sensitive data.

7. Wireless Charging

Finally, if you do not want to plug in your smartphone, wireless charging is a handy feature to look for. With this, all you have to do is to set it down on a mat and it will begin charging. Convenience is indeed the biggest reason to choose wireless charging over the wired alternative. And don’t worry, this is perfectly safe.

Future-looking phones for you

When shopping for a mobile phone, it is easy to be swayed by details like curved glass, or the huge brand logos that will make your friends jealous. But it’s always smarter to do research first.

Look deeper into a phone’s specifications and shop based on the advanced, versatile tech features it offers. Ask about innovative add-on data plan services such as solutions that dramatically cut fixed-to-mobile calls expenses. At the end of the day, choose a phone based on its ability to bring more value and happiness to your life.

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