8 Reasons Why Buying iPhone 6s is a better deal than any latest smartphone

The fact that iPhone 6s still is ruling the roost is an evidence of how effective this iPhone turns out to be.   If a comparison of the salient features of this phone with the latest ones such as iPhone 8 and iPhone X is done, you will find out that this iPhone 6s is undoubtedly a good option for a smartphone buyer. Here are a few reasons why the popularity of iPhone 6s is not yet diminished in the current times.

All the iPhones such as 8, X and 6S have the same operating system

You may get the same iOS experience with iPhone 6s as you would when you buy the latest phones such as iphone 8 as well as iphone X. As a whole, you will get the same mobile phone experience with iPhone 6S as with other iphones.

Unlike iphones 8 and X, IPhone 6S has a head phone jack

A headphone jack is not available with iphone 7 and the other latest iphones. So if you still wish to stick to dongle-free smartphone experience then iPhone 6s is the best option for you. Even the Android phones are available without headphone jacks.

IPhone 6S has the metal back and it will not shatter easily like iPhone 8

The glass back of iphone 8 and X can help to charge the phones almost wirelessly with the help of Qi wireless charging standards. It sounds great but it also means that the glass back can be easily shattered even after a single drop. However, the aluminum back of iPhone 6S will not crack so easily. It may get dent after the drop but it is less vulnerable to crack, unlike the new iPhones.

The screen on the iPhone 6S is no less attractive than the new iPhones

IPhone 6s has the screen that has similar resolution as well as sharpness as iPhone 8 and it also reproduces the colors that are perfect for browsing the internet, using the applications, watching the pictures and videos and also playing the games. The screen on the latest iPhone X may  show sharper as well as bigger display but you do not feel like missing anything when you are using iPhone 6S.

IPhone 6S is available in a unique color that is not found on iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 is only available in diverse colors such as space grey, gold and silver. The latest iPhone 10 is also available only in space grey as well as silver. Iphone 6S comes in rose gold, space grey, gold and silver. You are unable to get iphone 8 or iphone 10 in this unique rose gold color.

IPhone runs smoothly just like iPhone 8 or iPhone X

The Apple’s A9 chip of iPhone 6S still performs well. In fact, it proves to be perfect for your daily needs. On the top of this chip, this iPhone has a fast Touch ID sensor so that it can be unlocked quickly with negligible delay. Face identification feature of Phone X allows you to unlock the smartphone using the front camera as well as your face. However, this unlocking process of iPhone X may be a little bit complex as compared to touch ID feature of iPhone 6S.

The iPhone 6s charges just as fast as the iPhone 8

All the latest iPhones come up with similar chargers as used by iPhones 6S. It means that all of them will be charged at the similar speed.  The Apple gave support for fast charging in iPhone X or iphone 8 where you may charge till fifty percent just in half an hour. However, you certainly have to purchase additional accessories for fast charging such as USB power adapter and so on. Indeed, iPhone 8 as well as iPhone X support wireless charging but that also requires you to purchase a separate charger for wireless charging.

IPhone 6S is less expensive

Quite obviously, the price of iPhone 6S is less than that of iphone X or iphone 8. The iphone 6s with 32 GB storage costs $450 while an iphone X with 64 GB storage costs as high as $1000.

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