A Guide to Social Media Listening from NetBase

What is Social Media Listening?

Social media listening involves monitoring and deciphering conversations that potential customers are having about a particular brand across multiple social media platforms. It is much more involved than simply tracking likes, shares and comments on a brand’s postings. This goes beyond social media monitoring because it allows a brand to take measurable action based on the data that is calibrated.

Information You Can Expect to Gather from Social Media Listening

A successful strategy will allow you to do more than just track the instances in which your brand name is mentioned. You can also gather information about the context in which your competitors come up in both a positive and negative light. When you discover negative conversations around your brand, you can quickly identify whether it is a quality issue, customer service problem or brand image issue that you need to work on with your audience. This can guide the types of posts you promote and the ways in which you attempt to engage with potential customers.

Another data point that you might uncover is the type of influencer that those who interact regularly with your brand might be following. This gives you valuable information from which to decide how you might want to go about getting your posts sponsored or who you might want to involve in your next marketing campaign.

One key takeaway from social media listening is to identify what areas your company is excelling in. You want to continue to produce and highlight posts that generate positive customer engagement rather than only focusing on areas for improvement. It is easy to get lost in coming up with new ways to go about a tweaked social media marketing campaign, but you should not give up on strategies that have been producing positive results for your brand just because you are seeking to improve overall.

Adjusting Your Social Media Campaigns

Investing in social media listening is only worthwhile if you are willing to learn from the data and implement change in your social media marketing strategies. It can be a hard pill to swallow to learn that some of the strategies that you have invested in are not working out as well as you had hoped. You need to be ready to put emotions to the side and embrace opportunities to make better use of your marketing investment for this type of service to be effective.

Having the data to support cutting certain costs in a social media campaign can save you from a lot of wasted investment. While this is not exactly an audit of your campaign, it is a more in-depth analysis of how customers are engaging with your brand on social media.

More Information on the Social Media Services Available from NetBase

NetBase has gained a strong reputation in the social media field for its incredibly valuable analytics and ability to translate its data into intelligible findings for clients. Clients who work with NetBase are impressed by their ability to distill complex results from social media audits and listening to recommend a tangible change in their social media marketing strategies and overall digital presence. One of the reasons why NetBase has been able to maintain such a strong client base is the decades of experience in branding and analytics that its senior leadership team brings to the table. Clients know that they can count on NetBase to be responsive to their requests and go above and beyond in delivering clear, accurate data.

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