A Guide to Understanding SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Do you keep hearing the SEO now and again, but have no clue as to what it is. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the way how online content becomes visible in a search engine organically. Let’s say you want to know how to bake a cake and have typed in ‘bake a cake’ on Google. This will show you hundreds of results showing you articles, videos, and images about how you can bake a cake. Now pay attention to the posts that come up immediately when you hit the words – bake a cake. This is what New Zealand SEO company is all about. Simply put, it’s a way to increase the online visibility of your content so that a search engine, like Google, shows it as a top result that is relevant for searches of a keyword or a cluster of keywords.

Say if you have your own website and want it to appear on the top of Google search results, this is where SEO comes in. SEO is also a way you can drive unpaid, organic search traffic to your site.

How to make sure that your website or content is SEO-optimized?

Whether you have your own business or a blogger, you want your content to be in the top of any search engine results. The following are a few basic steps how you can do it.

  • Content Optimization: Make sure you use keyword-based titles, place selected keywords into your website source code and existing content on the pages and more importantly, the quality of your content is very important.
  • Keyword Research: Identify a list of keywords and phrases, prioritize keywords and phrases, plurals, singulars, and misspellings and use diligently.
  • Add Inbound and Outbound Links: Offer link exchanges with other sites that cover material related to your content.

There are many tools out there (mostly free) which can help you to make your content more SEO-friendly. You can use them diligently to drive tons of FREE, quality traffic to your site.


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