A Variety Of Use Cases For CMMS

Companies in different industries that want to organize asset records and extend their equipment lifespans by efficiently identifying key performance indicators often use CMMS. It is crucial to identify your company’s specific problems in order to find a solution. Here is an overview of CMMS use cases in the manufacturing, transportation, property management, and facility industries that will help you determine the value of using CMMS for your various maintenance needs.


A well-known fishing tackle manufacturer in the manufacturing industry called Pure Fishing, with operations in 19 countries, decided to use a CMMS solution for tracking more than 2,000 assets for its paperless facility in Spirit Lake, Iowa. Before Pure Fishing implemented the CMMS solution, about 70 percent of its work orders were reactive. Thanks to the CMMS solution, the company managed to meet their goals for 70 percent of work orders being proactive by way of planned maintenance.

In addition, the company was able to become fully paperless with a customized, scalable system. CMMS software’s mobility allows the Pure Fishing managers to have real-time access to insights on maintenance and consequently assign and track work orders from anywhere using their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Other than enhancing communication among different team members, the CMMS solution enabled maintenance experts to set better standards within their skill set in order to maximize the potential of their assets.

Another company that has benefited from the CMMS solution in the industrial steel industry is Express Metal Fabricators LLC, in St. George. The company purchased a CMMS solution in 1998 and upgraded to a newer version in 2009. The solution’s tech support helped the manufacturer to maximize the benefits of the solution for categorizing equipment trailers and numerous tools among several building areas. The company was able to cut repair costs and manage its inventory system with ease of full asset control.


Gas Field Specialists, Inc., which offers a wide range of competitive services in the oil and gas industry, used a CMMS solution to manage their equipment effectively according to clients’ demands and government regulations. As the company grew, it needed a CMMS solution that allows it to organize, track, and report on all of its assets. Gas Field Specialists improved its inspection and maintenance scheduling for different types of machinery, such as cranes and excavators, so as to meet safety regulations and set machinery calibrations for quality control and to get a better insight for boosting internal management practices.

Lake Shore Gold used their CMMS solution’s accounting and project Management features to capture the full depth of all its mine operations. The company realized that it needed a CMMS solution that could replace paper-based documents to track equipment maintenance, purchases, and inventory control accurately. Currently, CMMS solutions are used by more than 60 staff members on a daily basis within Lake Shore Gold’s operations.


The Easter Seals Blake Foundation (ESBF) is a company in the hospitality industry that provides educational and care services to people with disabilities. The organization runs its operations with a fleet of more than 100 vehicles and 700 total staff members. The organization uses a CMMS software that allows it to track the maintenance needs of all its vehicles through structured intervals so as to ensure that the vehicles are operated safely. The software’s system gives ESBF calendar and meter-based PM work orders to notify maintenance technicians when it’s time to inspect vehicles and equipment.

Columbia Helicopters is a company in the aviation industry with 30 aircraft units and about 2,000 pieces of equipment for supporting its aviation operations. Columbia Helicopters uses a CMMS solution for tracking its helicopters and trucks for carrying aircraft and fleet care products. The software’s custom dashboards and reports enable Columbia Helicopters to view various trends on maintenance costs and catalog equipment pieces.

Property management

MicroMain CMMS allows supervisors and managers in various industries to assess a technician’s performance by viewing his or her work requests vs. open work requests and respective labor hours. An example of a property management organization in the recreation industry that has reaped huge benefits of MicroMain’s CMMS solution is The Dallas Zoo. Apart from optimizing maintenance with this CMMS solution, the zoo managers are able to prioritize pending projects and follow up with the progress of each technician.

These are just a few use cases of CMMS, and the results are enticing. There are a lot of proven benefits that CMMS brings to organizations in every industry, and any business that is left behind is likely to trail the competition.

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