All the Information You Need to Learn about the Email Backup in Microsoft Office 365


Email backup is one of the integral processes performed in any business that operates in the modern day. A large volume of data and information is collected, stored, and distributed via email. As such, it’s essential to ensure that the emails received by a particular business account are kept fully secured.

Most people use the terms email backup and email archiving interchangeably. However, in truth, these are entirely different IT processes. Understand that when you archive data in your mailbox, it means that you want to declutter the email without deleting the content. When you archive a piece of content, you will transfer it to another storage area so that you can access it for future reference.

On the one hand, if you create backup data, this means that you’re protecting the content by creating another copy inside another storage location. Alternatively, a backup could mean that you restored the previous version of the file.

Why should you back up your Office 365 email?


For many businesses, email is the backbone of their knowledge transfers and communication. That’s why email inboxes are considered a critical part of any business operation today.

Unfortunately, accidents can strike at any time. For example, you might unintentionally delete a few email threads that contain the details of your next business project. Or, perhaps someone in the office wants to sabotage the effort of the team, so he deletes an important email. By using Office 365 backup, you never have to worry about missing, deleted or corrupted files.

How do you back up emails in an Office 365 account?


Because of the great importance of backup, there are various software solutions created to help manage certain types of businesses. Before you decide on using a tool, don’t forget to consider if it can automate processes. You must also check its capacity. How many gigabytes of content can it accommodate?

Once you have these sorted out, your next step is to set up Office 365 Backup. Because the email backup function isn’t native to the Office 365 account, you have to set up everything manually. For starters, you must download the mailboxes into a PST format file. You can also use a third-party solution in case you’re not sure how to create a backup copy of your mailboxes on your own.

Learn more about mailbox backup


A lot of companies tend to underestimate the value provided by an email or mailbox backup. If your boss doesn’t fully understand the benefits that your company can reap from using an email backup, it’s best that you explain it. Explain the importance of data backup especially in ensuring the smooth flow of the operations.

Today, information and data are two of the greatest assets of a company. These materials are shared constantly within the company through various means. By safeguarding your data, you can avoid losing them because of accidental deletion and even file corruption. If you haven’t started creating a backup copy for your mailbox, it is high time to do so.

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