Alouette PHOENIX RYDERS Electric skateboard – A quick review

Inspired by Electric Skateboard post, we bring you a short review on Alouette skateboard. Getting aelectric skateboard with all the necessary qualities and durable performance is hard. But still, in that case, without any doubts you could always go for the Aloutte PHOENIX RYDERS electric skateboard.

This electric skateboard won’t let you regret buying it. With all the premium qualities and intelligent construction, this off road skateboard is built. Aloutte being a reputable company has created many advanced gadgets, the PHOENIX RYDERS Electric Skateboard being a big hit.

This model is getting popular in the skateboard market due to its outstanding features and supreme quality.This long board skateboard is constructed in a unique way with 6 layers of the Canadian Maplewood and a single of bamboo. This ensures durable performance, reliability, and stability. Also, this ensures that the skateboard works best even after several weeks of rough usage, which is normal when riding.

The model can bear the weight of maximum 132 pounds (60 kg). This board itself weighs around 9.92 pounds meaning 4.5 kg.The dimensions of this off road skateboard are 820 x 270 x 125 mm which is a quite wide area so you can easily get over it and slide off with the wheels.

The wheels are constructed of polyurethane with dimensions of 70 x 51 mm. This means that the wheels can bear high temperatures and work well in different terrains. The hardness is 80 A which means they can take a beat. This is one of the reasons why it’s getting popular in the market due to its use of strong material for durable performance and stability. The strong wheels give support to the platform where you can show off your stunts and this long board skateboard would add beauty and would support your superb performance.

This model has a dual-motor each of 350W. They are 83 mm hub motors and give an outstanding performance. The battery weighs 1.43 pounds and the charging time of this battery is 120 minutes (2 hours) which isn’t too much.

With 4.4 AH/ 29.4 V lithium battery, this electric skateboard is efficient with high potential. This lithium battery powered electric skateboard provides an endurance of 12.4 miles. The highest speed is 12.4 mph and the distance that can be traveled in a single battery is 15 miles which is quite a large range.

The off road skateboards being so light makes it easier for you to carry it in your hand once the battery drains. The slow speed for this skateboard is 6.2 mph so you can accelerate and decelerate upon your desire. This makes your ride more adventurous and thrilling adding fun to your daily life.

The board comes with a warranty of one year so in case of serious damage, you can get the potential benefits within a year.

Coming to the wireless remote you can control the acceleration, deceleration, and breaks. The use of the wireless remote is the result of the advanced technology making the skateboard of a supreme level with all the features and supreme quality. This smart remote kind of reminds me of Discover Devices. This wireless devcie has a capacity of 400 mAh and charging time of 2 hours.

Discussing all these qualities we can conclude that Alouette PHOENIX RYDERS Electric skateboard is the best longboard skateboard because of all of its features and the use of advanced technology makes it even more outstanding. With efficient battery, long range distance and the remote control, this is the best electric skateboard that you’d find in the market.

With all the best features and top class quality wood and precise yet accurate construction, this would be the best off road skateboard.

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