An Amazon Seller Software to Remove Bad Customer Reviews

A research shows that the sales going through the Amazon buy box make up for 80% of the total Amazon sales. In case you don’t know, it’s an algorithm that works as a tie-breaker between the sellers offering same products! In fact, Amazon has itself stated that the sellers who have the buy box will make lots of sales and eventually profits.

This essentially means that the competition to getting the buy box is fierce and this is where customer reviews come in to play!  Along with some other factors, customer reviews is one of the determining factors of buy box eligibility. They have the power to either make or break your business.

But here comes the problem… What if a buyer leaves a negative review? A negative review can have devastating effects on your product listings and the worst part is, Amazon policies don’t even allow sellers to find those buyers and contact them directly…

The good news is, you can solve this problem… You can get rid of those negative customer reviews.

Introducing AMZFinder- the only tool you’ll ever need to deal with your customers!

If for some reason, the buyer leaves you a negative review it can be a real pain to even contact that buyer, let alone getting rid of that bad review…

But not anymore!

With AMZFinder, you can match that bad review against the order and then make necessary steps to deal with it.

Not only this, but you can also manage multiple Amazon marketplaces, get instant updates of your listings and can even contact the buyers directly with in seconds! It is a comprehensive tool which allows you to get rid of those negative customer reviews, and manage your customers in real time.

An in-depth look at the features of AMZFinder

  1. Real time reviews synchronization

According to a research, 70% of total customers, read reviews of a product before buying it. In addition to that, customer reviews play a crucial role in the buy box eligibility of a seller too…

This means managing reviews have now become more important than ever and this is exactly what AMZFinder offers.

As soon as a buyer leaves a review, you will be notified within seconds! Furthermore, you can sort your reviews based on different filters like ratings, order ID and other things. This essentially allows you- as a seller- to have a better control.

  1. Responding to reviews- Make your clients feel important!

Reviews are critical for an online business and more than 50% of potential customers make their first judgment based on the reviews and responding to the reviews is your chance to show that you actually care for your customers!

With AMZfinder you can respond to customer reviews with just a few clicks making them feel important as well as creating a healthy image of your seller account.

  1. The unfair advantage- One click to contact buyer

AMZfinder is the only tool that allows you- as a seller- to contact your buyers… This is a game changer!

Dealing with a negative review can a quite a difficult task especially if you are a big seller! But that’s old news now…

You can contact the buyer with just one click through the AMZFinder and deal with those negative reviews instantly.

  1. A comprehensive email report

AMZfinder is the best way to monitor your selling account. With AMZFinder, you will receive a comprehensive email report on reviews against the orders making sure that not even a single thing misses your attention!

The real question- How to get rid of the bad customer reviews?

Unlike other tools, using AMZFinder is as easy as A-B-C…

Using the following simple steps, you can deal with the negative reviews and essentially get rid of them.

Step 1:

Firstly, you will need to make an AMZFinder account. Download and install the AMZFinder, fill in your relevant details and click the option “Sign up”.

Step 2:

Once, you have made your account, sign in, add ASINs of the products you want to monitor, and synchronize all the reviews to AMZFinder dashboard.

With this step, you will get all the reviews in one place and in an easy-to-read format.

You can then, sort the reviews according to different filters such as ratings, order ID, product descriptions and other filters.

But for the purpose of dealing with a bad review, we suggest you sort the reviews based on ratings.

Step 3:

Once the reviews are sorted out by ratings, you will get to see the reviews with the least ratings first.

Choose those negative reviews, and check the order ID.

Step 4:

Now, click on the order ID, and with this step, you will be able to contact the buyer who left you a negative review.

Now, all you need to do is to write a message explaining to your buyer what went wrong and convincing him to change the review. If your message is good enough, the buyer will change his review and you will get those positive ratings back!

Wrapping it up

Dealing with customers, and especially with those who leave a negative review is a very difficult job, but it’s something that cannot be ignored! This is why we highly recommend AMZFinder.

Now, you don’t have to spend hours dealing with the negative reviews, instead, you can do that in seconds! Furthermore, the user-friendly interface ensures that you don’t have trouble finding what’s where…

So, what are you waiting for?

Try AMZFinder now, and sky-rocket your sales by taking full control of your Amazon account.

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