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If you are a regular internet user, you need to know what is a VPN (co to jest VPN). Modern internet usage is filled with stories of hackers and other people looking through your private information to find out more about you. Most of the time this is harmless and companies use it to provide you with the most relevant product/service information. However, there is also a chance that someone more dangerous gets hold of your information – leaving you vulnerable to cyber attack.

Simply, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a way to hide your digital identity (your IP address) by using public networks via a virtually-created private network. Too complicated? Instead of your computer connecting directly to the internet or another public network – like public Wi-Fi – you first pass through a VPN. This prevents your information from being freely accessed by people on the other side.

Why do I need a VPN?

There are three main reasons: security, privacy, and utility. Security is the reason that VPNs exist. They were created to protect companies private information from prying eyes. Any data transferred across a VPN is encrypted and secured so there is no risk of someone intercepting it.

Not only does a VPN offer data security, but it also offers privacy. When you use the internet, your digital identity is traced through your IP address. This address can be traced back to your specific computer and it is an easy way for people to find you. By using a VPN, you hide your real IP address via a virtual one (created by the VPN). This means that even if people look for you via your virtual IP address, it won’t lead them back to you. This is great for people who want to use the internet privately and not have to worry about people knowing where they live or what they do on the internet.

Utility refers to people who use VPNs for their benefits, other than privacy and security. Using a VPN allows you to take advantage of certain hidden features on the internet. If you aren’t worried about privacy, but you are worried about watching your favorite series or accessing your favorite website, then a VPN is what you need.

Unblocking online content with VPNs

Where you live affects your internet experience. If you live in the USA, you are able to watch Netflix US. But what about those of us not living in the USA that wants to watch certain Netflix US exclusive content. As soon as Netflix detects that you are a user from another country, they block your access. There are other examples of this, like in China, where many Western media outlets are banned by the government. Chinese citizens cannot access these websites unless they use a VPN.

VPNs can help you get around any blockages of online content. How? By changing your virtual location. Most VPNs have large lists to choose from, with many countries and servers. You can pick where you want your location to be. The VPN then tunnels your location and that’s it, now you can be from anywhere in the world without having to move from your chair. Netflix US, BBC Prime, and many other online streaming websites are available by using a VPN.

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