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In today’s advanced world, there has been arapid increase in the usage of adjustable semiconductor lasers in the industry of optical sensor. The semiconductor lasers are mostly used when there is a need for quick measurement or cost-effective monitoring. The lasers are mostly used in high-precision adjustable diode laser absorption spectroscopy. Such lasers are commonly used in industries and research. The most common uses of laser include:

  • Oil and gas
  • Safety
  • Process optimization
  • Space
  • Environment
  • Defense
  • Health
  • Automotive
  • Health

The most common structure of semiconductor laser is Distributed Feedback Lasers (DFB). The laser sensing in recent times is a strong technique that has various applications in the science and industry. Here are some of the most common uses of DFB lasers.

Fire Detection

The normal fire detectors are point type; they are not usefulin large buildings and buildings with high ceilings. In order to keep people safe linear beam detectors are used. In such system, a light beam is transferred through an area. If there is a drop, it indicates a cover-up by smoke. However, such systems create problems when there is fog or dust. As result, it leads to false alarms making it inappropriate for industrial applications. This is where you can take advantage of DFB laser. The DFB laser fire system will help by providing accurate measurement of the content of fire gases like CH4, CO, and C2H4. It is a great system that will help in checking the concentration of all the gases in one measurement. The DFB laser fire detectors are capable of distinguishing between the coal and wood fire. Hence, such systems are more durable, reliable, and stable for providing quick and precise measurements.


Another common application of DFB Lasers is in space missions. The strength and compactness of the DFB laser makesit perfectto be used in severe conditions. These are great for space mission because they provide definite details regarding the amount and rate. It is capable of placing the findings in a position that will provide a common measurement method like mass spectrometry.

Therefore, tunable DFB lasers can be used for wide range of applications, from space missions to safety to process control to medical diagnostics. There is a need for adevelopmentin the use of DFB lasers in many areas. It is believed in coming years we will witness interesting usage of DFB lasers.

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