Are Your Ready For The New iPhone X

Apple and Samsung has been battling head on for the supremacy in the mobile arena. When one company comes out with an exciting phone, mobile users and critics also expect the other one to come up with something that will trump the former.

The newest headliner of Apple is the iPhone X which will come out in November, right on cue for the holidays. This newest iPhone which supports a new design and a load of features will be going face to face with the Galaxy Note 8 which is available in stores now. In this article, we will help you determine which one is the best phone for you by comparing and contrasting some hardware features of these two heavyweight contenders.

A Bigger Screen Time

If you fancy a bigger screen then the iPhone X has got you covered. It sports a 6.3-inch display which is almost as big ans the Note 8 screen at 6.3 inces. Considering that the new X had an OLED display the iPhone screen repair cost is going to be much more than if it were the previous LCD types. Do not forget to get the extended Apple Care warranty just in case you have an accidental slip.

The display resolution is almost the same between these two phones considering they both use OLED technology. It’s a good thing for Apple to shift to OLED since it has been using the LCD technology for a long time. However, Samsung’s screen is curved at the edges giving the users a more immersive effect.

Missing Jack

It seems like losing the headphone jack in iPhone 7 did not really hurt Apple as far as it is concerned because the tech giant did not offer it still in the iPhone X.

Hence, if you have beloved headphones that you still want to use, you have to get a dongle in order to pair it with the iPhone X. Samsung did not ditch jack and so anyone can use standard earphone with the Galaxy Note 8.

Take a Selfie

Apple and Samsung have been coming out with one of the best smartphone cameras in the market. Galaxy Note 8 has impressive ones but it looks like Apple has put a lot of thought into the iPhone X’s cameras. It sports new upgrades like the bokeh or blur effect which Samsung also has but unfortunately, not that enhanced.

The iPhone X also has a front camera which can take portrait shots with Apple’s improved Portrait Mode and this is something the Galaxy Note 8 is lacking.

Wireless Charging

Apple has dipped its toes into the wireless charging field with the tech called “Qi”. It came in pretty late for the iPhone to sport this feature since Samsung has already spent years trying to make its phones’ wireless charging perfect.

However, both still have a long way to go considering that wireless charging for the iPhone and Galaxy Note is both slow. Hopefully, by 2018, both companies have come up with better charging performance.

Unlocking Phones with Biometrics

Samsung was the first to add biometric features to its phones as a security option. The Galaxy Note 8 seems secure with its fingerprint reader, iris scanner, and face detector that can all be used to unlock the phone. But, even though Apple was late to the party, it took a step further by having a 3D face scanner.

It probably took a cue from Samsung’s own face detector given the fact that the detector will unlock your phone even if you are only using a photo and not your actual face. With iPhone X’s 3D face scanner called Face ID, your phone is more secure and cannot be tricked with a mere photo due to its 3D face technology.

Which One Should You Choose

There are definitely hits and misses for the hardware of both the iPhone X and the Galaxy Note 8. But before you make up your mind, take note that the hardware is just one-half of the picture.

Apple’s iOS and Samsung’s Android are two totally different worlds which seriously divide the mobile users. Check out both phones and have a test run at your nearest mobile shop before you head to the counter.

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