India is one of the biggest piracy markets in the world. Recently, Bombay high court has approved that watching pirated movies is not illegal in India. But due to misconception spread by Internet Service Provider (ISP) that it is punishable according to Indian law that to watch and copyright content on a pirated site. But after that, it is confessed by Justice Patel that “the copyright content is illegal not if someone watches on the pirated site”. Actually, there is no offense if someone view but if someone distributes or sells the content without permission, it is punishable.

The panic created by ISP

The customer was getting the warning from the Internet Service Provider that if someone caught to view, download or duplicate content by any means it is punishable according to the Indian Penal code. This notification had created panic among viewers. Many people were thinking if they accidentally indulge in the proxy site, they could be subjected to punishment. But after that Justice Patel had cleared the whole matter.

Now with the increasing popularity & demand for online streaming content, it is inevitable that people will be using it because of the easy availability, no cost incurred service. The internet service providers are definitely worried over their scenario because most of the people use broadband or fibre net connection that offers unmetered bandwidth to access this content during their large volume & high speed.

Illegally downloading can cause fine

Yes, it is rightly said that if someone is shown in the court that he/ she were infringing the copyright by downloading the movie, this is punishable. Under the law, if someone is being convicted then he/ she will have to go to prison for six months to three years with a fine in between Rs 50,000 to Rs 200,000.

Indian movies like paanch or urtta Punjab, they were already on the internet in sites like watch32 before the film released. These sites have managed to do exclusive access to the movies & make it available to the wide range of its visitors. One can save themselves by blocking the URL if they have copyright in the movies. Pseudo-streaming is also not that good because in this, some streaming site like 123movies, and many more download the part of the content, in order to provide a better quality of the video. This is also a kind of infringement of copyright because one is using the content without copyright.


Till now we have clearly understood that the piracy for a big threat for an Indian film and television industry. So, if someone caught in infringing in copyright, there will be no notice and warning before the police take an action. In spite of having a strict law, in order to resist piracy, still Indian is one of the profitable countries for the pirated site. And this possible here because of the huge population involved here. It is beyond the capabilities of the enforcement authorities to track & crack down every minor download & reproduction activity occurring on the remote parts of the country.


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