Best USB Microphone For Podcasting Options

Finding the best USB microphone for podcasting does not have to be hard. In fact, there are so many top-rated USB microphones on the market today with stellar reviews. These units are easier to use than XLR microphones that require mixers or USB interfaces. In fact, you basically plug them into your computer for easy and faster podcasting. Still, you need to find the right USB mic for optimal value, performance and delivery. Here are some of the top sellers in the industry today.

The Blue Yeti

The Blue Yeti is considered one of the top USB mics for under $200. In fact, this popular microphone is priced at around $120. This is perfect for first-time or beginner podcasters, as well as seasoned broadcasters. With high-end sound quality and user-friendly features, this USB mic offers convenient plug-in-use for faster connections when you need it the most. Here are some more features of this highly-recommended USB microphone:

• The Yeti allows single person users in cardioids settings to switch between several options.
• Bidirectional (front & back) features.
• Omni-directional (all directions) with noise and hysteresis reduction.
• Stereo — left and right.

The Yeti’s bidirectional feature is great for in-person reviews. However, we recommend omn-directional for conference calls and group chats. With so much flexibility built into this USB mic, it remains one of the best units for novices and experienced podcasters. The unit even has a no delay 0 latency headphone monitoring jack. This allows you to gain control, while controlling the mute button with visible indicators.


Rode NT USB is also considered one of the top USB microphones available. In fact, Rode specializes in great podcasting equipment and accessories. With the Rode NT USB, you get a convenient mix control and zero-latency headphone monitoring jack. There is also a pop filter, which is attachable to the base. This can be positioned at a convenient distance, while the storage pouch is highly mobile and the desk stand as well.

The Rode NT USB is currently priced at around $169.00 for a new unit. You may be able to find refurbished or pre-owned USB mics for less across Amazon. This model even features a camera connection kit that is fully compatible with Apple iPads.

Rode Podcaster

We also have to include the popular Rode Podcaster on this list. While a new edition to podcasting, this dynamic USB microphone features a cardioids polar pattern. There is also a headphone jack with volume control, as well as a green light indicator to ensure the unit is fully plugged in and operating. With latency-free monitoring, the headphone jack is particularly convenient for new and seasoned podcasters.

The Rode Podcaster is similar to the Yeti in many ways. However, it is surely heavier than the Yeti — so we recommend a high-quality mic stand or boom arm for optimal support and comfort. These components do not come with the Podcaster and must be purchased separately. This USB mic is currently priced at $221.00 on Amazon, but it’s truly worth every penny.

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