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Brights is a software development company that helps in building intuitive and innovative web and mobile products for its customers. The company is situated in Kyiv, Ukraine, and staff 72 professionals with a sales office in Warsaw. They design and develop web products and help in the software development cycle. The company specializes in the Research and development phase of the software development cycle, building MVP for the client product, and analyzing and improving the prototypes. 


Software development company – Brights specializes in the development and optimization of web/mobile products. The company aims at providing fully functional web applications for the client. Some of the notable services of the company are-

Web Development

Brights offer to develop a web application with the best of databases and APIs. They also provide scaling and integration of the software with other services. 

Mobile Development

Mobile apps developed by Brights are equipped with the same technology and tools with which Apple Store mobile stores are. Brights create mobile apps for Android and iOS. 

UI/UX Design

Brights develop UI/UX design for the apps and software. The designs are human-centered and very easy to use. For the web application, UI is developed so that the application fits in all types of screens. 

Apart from web development and integration, Brights also offers to help with the QA and testing phase of the software development, marketing, and advertising and also maintenance of the applications. 


  • The Software development company – Brights have completed nearly 350 projects so far after inception. They have gained expert knowledge about developing, designing, programming, and testing the application successfully.
  • The company focus on close collaboration with the clients and develop a useful application for their business. 
  • With the eight years of expert experience, the company has expanded its business in Warsaw, Poland. 
  • The company has 72 expert staff who are well equipped with diverse knowledge of ASP.NET, PHP, JavaScript, MSSQL, and others.
  • The company has a strong client base in 8 different countries that include Electrolux, MasterCard, PMI, Kimberly-Klark, and many more. 

Expert Projects

  • Brights are holding a software development market with a strong position for many specialist areas. The company has worked with many clients in areas like Enterprise Software Development
  • Fintech Software Development
  • Marketplace software
  • Development of Augmented Reality
  • E-learning software 
  • Corporate Website development


Brights Workflow

The company follows an approved workflow pattern that suits the client’s needs and the requirement for better product development. The workflow of the company includes

  • Ask the client about their expectations
  • Evaluate the product
  • Design software 
  • Develop the software
  • Test the viability
  • Release after taking approval
  • Maintenance of software
  • Provide support for the after-sales services


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