Cheap German Server – This Is How You Get It

Email marketing is a fantastic way to drive traffic to your website and quickly develop new business sales. However please don’t just buy an email list, sit at your desk and send out emails to every record. It is not illegal to send introductory emails to businesses in the UK. Email marketing is perfectly legal and an accepted form of advertising. However if you use your regular email host to send out the emails you may find yourself in bother very quickly.

Most hosting companies have very strict terms and conditions regarding email marketing. They will have limits on the number of emails you may send each day and also may have limitation on sending the same or similar email to more than say 50 recipients per day. They will pick up on any activity they don’t deem normal very quickly and your email account will just stop working as they suspend it without warning. This can clearly be a huge problem if you use this email for your day to day business.Related image

Hosting companies also react to complaints very quickly and very strongly. Even if you are sending emails to your current client list problems can quickly occur. It just takes one person to complain and before you know it, your email hosting and website have been shut down. Although it’s usually not difficult to get these reinstated the loss of business and your time can be vast.

The answer to this problem is dedicated servers in Germany. This protects you from any of the above mentioned disasters. Bulletproof email is as it sounds. It’s usually an offshore server which you rent on a monthly basis and use for your email marketing. This removes the possibility of any complaints that may affect your everyday hosting. A Germany unmetered server simply can’t be shut down. It’s simple to use with any email software or programme and you don’t need any real IT knowledge. You can also purchase a bulletproof domain name and email address which you can use instead of using your own or company email address. The bulletproof domain can be similar to your company name so it causes no confusion for prospects.

Now Germany 100tb server can be very expensive. If you complete a Google search you will find a number of companies offering this service for various prices. Some bulletproof servers can cost as much as $2000 per month. We have spent a long time researching these companies and their service. In our opinion we think we’ve found the best bulletproof hosting package available in the market place. The cost of this server is between $299 and $399 per month and the service is superb. We have been using this company for seven months now.

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