Choosing An OBD2 Scanner That Really Makes A Difference

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Safe travel is at the top of any list when it comes to your set of wheels. Though it may seem that the model, look, make and attached gadgets may be os prime importance, safety should always come first to protect you and your loved ones while out on the road.

Very much like Smart Cars, a special technology, known as an OBD2 scanner, is an essential element to add to your vehicle to keep everyone safe and stay on top of maintaining a roadworthy vehicle.

Why do I need an OBD2 scanner?

These scanners are designed to make your life a lot easier by helping to pinpoint any problems with your vehicle. It’ll flag up any issues which are currently hindering your ride in addition to aiding cost effectiveness, durability and efficiency.

So basically speaking, the OBD2 scanner is a management system for your vehicle’s diagnostics.

Introducing FIXD

Entering the world via a campaign with popular website Kickstarter in 2014, FIXD is a tool which can help you keep track of your vehicle diagnostics and get issues rectified before they get worse.

Not every driver takes the step to add an OBD2 scanner to their vehicle, but having the system at easy reach gives you a better chance of finding and solving issues which could potentially be life threatening if gone unnoticed.

The FIXD tool uses a Bluetooth connection to communicate with users, i.e. the vehicle owner, and runs scans through the systems to find and highlight faults. This results in a highly detailed report which allows you to see any malfunctions. The device will also present reminders for mileage related maintenance work throughout your vehicle’s life.

Even if you’re not a car enthusiast, the language and methodolugy used by the tool is completely user friendly and easy to understand. There are nearly 7,000 issues banked into the memory of the tool, promising to give insight and help into practically any issue you may be experiencing with your vehicle.

What if I have more than one vehicle?

Not a problem. The FIXD tool has the capability to monitor mutliple vehicles at any time. Just by installing an OBD2 scanner bluetooth in each of your vehicles, you can keep tabs on the maintenance of all your vehicles through one mobile device.

The Multi – Vehicle Control feature means that all your family can continue to run their errands and outings in complete safety, knowing that you have the diagnostics for their vehicles at the touch of a button.

Does it effect my car?

No. When the tool is plugged in as such, it uses just a low level amount of energy from your vehicle’s battery so it doesn’t affect the everyday running of your car/van or other mode of transport.

Although the tool will use a continuous monitoring mode, the tiny amount of power needed from your battery will totally worth keeping you and all your fmaily safe out on the road.


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