Compatible Toner VS OEM Toner: Which One Is Better?

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Whenever it comes to toner cartridge replacement, most of the businesses stay confused whether they go for the compatible toner cartridges or should choose genuine ones. There are so many companies out there that claim their compatible toner cartridges to be better than the original toner cartridge while the copier manufacturers only recommend choosing genuine toner cartridges and claims that these are best to get the utmost performance of your copier. All of these claims have made the situation more complicated. In this post, we will compare both products and their salient features so you could make your own decision.  


  • Genuine Toner Cartridges: Why They Are Better?


Genuine or OEM toner cartridges are manufactured by the copier’s brand itself. These are the official supplies for your copier machine and they guarantee a superior performance. Some prime features of original toner cartridges are given hereunder;


  • Refined To Fit 


Genuine toner cartridges are manufactured for the specific copier model only. They are not supposed to fit in a variety of copier so that is the reason company precisely designs them according to the requirements. OEM toner cartridges fit perfectly in your copier and their working is smooth and superior. 


  • Toner Quality 


A fine toner powder is used for the manufacturing of genuine toner cartridge to ensure document longevity and image quality. As the copier would be blamed for the inferior print quality if the toner powder is not fine, that can risk the brand’s reputation. That is the reason manufacturers use high-quality parts and toner particles to produce the best toner quality. 


  • Copier’s Warranty 


Copier manufacturers recommend using only genuine toner cartridges in their copier to ensure the performance. But if someone goes against these directions, then the company cancels the warranty of such copier. This rule of many manufacturers makes it important to use only original toner cartridges in their copier machines. 


  • Compatible Toner Cartridges: Why to Choose Them?


Compatible toner cartridges are the same like the genuine toner cartridges, but they are manufactured by third parties. Many compatible toner cartridges suppliers offer an extended warranty of their product to gain the trust of their customers. Prime features of compatible toner cartridges are given below;


  • Cost 


It is the most important factor due to which many copier owners tend to buy compatible toner cartridges. Compatible toner cartridges can be 70% – 150% cheaper as compared to genuine toner cartridges. This massive price difference helps to significantly reduce the printing expenses and makes compatible toner cartridge best choice for the people who want to print at the minimum possible price. 


  • Yield 


Higher yield compatible toner cartridges are also available in the market. Such compatible toner cartridges contain more toner as compared to genuine one. This factor reduces the toner reloading interruptions, reduce per print cost, and you can expect that it will serve you for a longer time.


  • Eco-Friendly 


Genuine toner cartridges are not reused again as the company uses new material and parts to manufacture more OEM toner cartridges. Contrary to this, compatible toner cartridges use the emptied toner cartridges as well to produce new ones. This process is eco-friendly and reduces the emptied toner cartridges waste. 

Now all of the facts about genuine and compatible toner cartridges are discussed, and you should make your buying decision according to these factors. Whether you go for OEM toner or choose compatible toner, it is wise to make your purchase from a reliable store so you should be sure that you are buying the right product. The toner cartridges supplier also offers a warranty on their products so you should also consider this factor before purchasing any item, this warranty can be a surety that you are getting a high-quality product for your copier. 

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