Create and Manage Email Campaign Workflow

For your business, you may set up an email campaign to capture email leads. But first make sure you understand how the email campaign workflow works and improves your email campaign.

What’s an email campaign workflow?

The workflow is the process for you to follow when deploying your single email message or multiple email messages (i.e. an entire email campaign). In the process, you keep track of what’s going on, such as who has subscribed to your newsletter, who opens which messages, which messages (or topics) are the most popular, and more.

Follow these steps to create your email campaign workflow.

Come up with a concept. Determine the objective of your single email message or your entire email campaign.

Create the copy and design the email. The designers and copywriter have to come up with the artwork and copy for the email message respectively. The stakeholder who owns this email campaign must review and sign off the artwork and copy, before they can be deployed.

Get the emails on deployment. Email service providers such as Hubspot, or email management tools including Aweber or Mailchimp are used.

Test the emails. It’s important to send test or draft emails to your own mailboxes before the real deployment when emails are sent to your users or customers. This is the opportunity for spotting any mistakes that may have come up in the email campaign.

At the same time, you may test for spam and usability of each of your emails.

Fix the problems. Now fix the mistakes in the email campaign and each email messages.

Track, analyze and revise. Track each email message. It’s important to implement the tracking pixels of your email analytics program onto each message. You want to keep track of each message’s open rate, click through rate, and more.

Even Google Analytics will work when you simply need to track clickable links within your email messages.

Some tools will allow tracking heatmap data of your email campaign.


Now you already have a workflow which can be repeated over and over. Now it’s time to manage this workflow for the entire cycle of your email lead collection campaign.

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