Developers for popular CMS platforms for e-commerce websites in NYC

  • commerce industry is booming and with the fast addition of new internet users, it is going to witness even more high growth in the coming years. Thus, even small and medium sized businesses need an online presence to connect with the huge pool of internet users to sell their products and services. The foremost requirement for a business planning to plunge into the e-commerce industry is a good e-commerce platform. Various e-commerce platforms have different kinds of features suited for various business requirements. There are reputed and experienced companies in NYC offering web developers for various popular e-commerce platforms. The professional developers help in the selecting the best platforms as per the specific needs of the clients.

The various top e-commerce platforms which are used by e-commerce website developers in NYC have been discussed here.


Magento is the largest and highly popular open source e-commerce platform which is suitable for businesses of all sizes. It is a highly customisable and scalable platform. Magento NYC developers use the various high-grade features of Magento to create highly functional user-friendly websites which perform well in the competitive e-commerce market. The various features include omni channel order management, SEO compatibility, over 50 payment gateways, analytics and business intelligence tools, B2B integration, multiple languages, support for various currencies, order status customisation, single page checkout, etc. Magento enables developers to custom design and integrate themes and extensions. It is also very easy to install plugins and layouts. Magento websites are highly responsive and are compatible with all kinds of devices including smartphones.


Shopify is suitable e-commerce platform for small businesses and startups. Shopify developers are available in NYC. The dashboard is very user-friendly enables the merchants to handle all the orders and manage the products. The platform provides a number of App integrations known as Shopify apps. The mobile app of the platform enables the merchant to manage the online store from anywhere. The Shopify developers install all the necessary apps including SEO and lead generation apps. Shopify supports more than 70 payment gateways. The Shopify websites have high loading speeds and are visually appealing.

Open Cart

Open Cart is an appropriate platform for small and medium sized businesses and startups. Developers specialising in Open Cart CMS are available in NYC. The platform has ready-to-use templates. The developer simply installs Open Cart, selects the template and adds the products. The platform has thousands of extensions and modules. It is also replete with a plethora of features such as multi-store mode, multi-lingual options, customer management, sales, report, marketing tools, unlimited categories, etc. All the features are fully customisable. The developers create SEO optimised Open Cart websites to drive maximum traffic to the websites. Open Cart can be integrated with more than 8 shipping methods and over 20 payment gateways. Open Cart is a suitable platform for online stores with small budgets.


WooCommerce is an open source platform used to create WordPress e-commerce websites. The WooCommerce developers in NYC use the extensive features present in WooCommerce to create user-friendly online stores. The features can also be customised using the large number of customisation options. Large numbers of extensions and themes are available for free. The developers can also design and develop themes for the WooCommerce e-commerce websites. Another advantage of WooCommerce is that the online merchant can get support from the large WordPress user community.

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