Does Hyperlink help in Construction Document Project Management?

Looking for particular information through thousands of construction documents is not only time-consuming but a waste of effort and resource as well. This has prompted the industry to turn to digital documents, which are not the only cost-effective way to store but can be navigated easily to find information anytime, anywhere.

So, where does the hyperlink feature fits in? Hyperlink help pulls out any project related information through the thousands of documents with ease. To ease the process and benefit of construction professionals, construction management software SKYSITE has introduced the hyperlink feature.

Right from planning, bid to build phase there are thousands of documents generated. All documents including that of early design plans, as-built documents, warranties, procurement, closeout, and plans all related files can be checked with absolute ease using a hyperlink. The hyperlink feature allows team members to get easy and quick access to the related files with absolute ease, no matter where the particular information is.

Irrespective of where you are, be it at the job site or at your office, you can manage your construction blueprints and other documents without any hassle. All your documents that are hyperlinked can be accessed anytime from your iPad, iPhone, Android device or desktop. You can view any critical information if your devices are synced through the PDF viewer. So, any project related information does not remain scattered but can be streamlined with hyperlink support. It helps in quick navigation from any part of the documents. Therefore, there is no chance of missing any information, right? SKYSITE also has a reputation for having the best document viewer in the industry. So, you can simply zoom in and out documents and can view every minute detail with outright clarity.


With SKYSITE, a cloud-based construction project management software; you can get all pertinent files right at your fingertips. Apart from the hyperlink technology, the auto-hyperlink feature is a boon for the construction industry as well. Using the advanced OCR technology, the software detects and call out the drawings and characters in the files and swiftly pulls out the right information from thousands of documents. Even when the information is in the footer or headed, the improved OCR technology is quick to recognize the data and will extract the required information for you.

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