Easy Ways To Build Your Brand Using A Netbase Social Media Report

Most people dream of starting their own business. Running a successful business that thrives for many years takes a lot of hard work and due diligence. You can have the best product in the world and still not have a successful brand if you don’t understand how to market it properly. Most business owners are not completely aware there is a lot of untapped potential from their activities through their social media accounts.

Every single post, share, interaction and comment made through a business’ social media accounts can greatly impact business and can be used to make future marketing decisions. Companies like Netbase offer help to businesses by showing them how to put to use the wealth of data from their accounts. They do this by creating a social media report for a business to research and monitor their social media account habits and be able to better communicate with their followers and customers. The information a business obtains from their social media report can help them figure out the best way to market their business and build their brand.

Using A Social Media Report Helps Your Business

Many business owners have yet to realize the full potential of using social media to build their brand and market to their customers. When you are looking to make the most of your social media efforts, you need to be able to accurately track results from any social media engagement and marketing campaigns. Software companies such as Netbase offer businesses many features through their social media analytics software such as customer engagement metrics, link clicks, likes, shares and number of comments left. This data can be compiled into a social media report for a business to review and base decisions off of.

Build Your Brand Using A Social Media Report

Using a social media analytics report, businesses are able to track various metrics in order to build their brand more quickly and effectively. Analytics software can be utilized to identify social data that is most relevant and useful. Below are some of the metrics businesses can track using social media analytics software to help them grow as a company and beat their competition.

  • Customer Engagement- When done properly, customer engagement can be a very effective way to build a company’s brand. When you track your engagement numbers, you can make more actionable and meaningful business decisions. As you make changes, you will be able to track your growth rate to determine if the changes you made were the right ones. You can also use this metric to highlight any of your top brand influencers among the sea of quiet followers.
  • Audience Growth Rates- Another metric you can use making social media analytics software is the ability to track your audience growth rates. You can use these measurements to evaluate how effective your marketing campaigns were without irrelevant information mixed in.
  • Conversions- Conversion rates from visitors are an important metric for any business to continuously track. Overall, this will show you how well your social media efforts are turning into profits. The ability to get new and repeat visitors to your website through your social media account is crucial. It is more important for those visits to turn into profits and sales for your business. However, you don’t want to seem too pushy through your social media campaigns just for the sake of sales.
  • Customer Activity- Customer service is the most important component for businesses to be successful. How well customers view your customer service can greatly affect your company’s bottom line. The customer activity metric within social media analytics software can track content types within forum posts to let a business track the activity customers have with the customer service department.

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