Everything you need to know about hand held engraving machine

Hand Held Engraving Machine Questions And Answers

Talking about powerful marking equipment, and especially about metal engraving tools, many imagine large industrial machines carrying out their duty in a noisy workshop of the manufacture. In reality, lots of marking and engraving tasks are routinely entrusted to small and lightweight hand held engraving machines.

If the advantages of this type of equipment are well known to you and you have already decided to buy a hand held device, check out the most flexible and thought-out solutions on the market.

If you want to collect more information about the use and benefits of this solution, we have provided the answers to some of the most common questions on the topic below.

What Do I Need To Use Hand Held Engraving Machine?

Pneumatic systems need air compressor to operate, electric ones require only the power supply. Some equipment providers offer electric devices with a battery to provide fully autonomous work.

Is It Suited For Industrial Use?

Yes. The flexibility of this device allows for its use as a transportable tool for small workshops and as a part of the automation line at large manufactures. Industrial environment does not bring any limitations to the use of the machine, and its speed and long working hours make it competitive against stationary marking equipment.

Why Is It Also Called Hand Held Metal Engraver?

This compact device is a perfect solution for direct marking of large and heavy parts and products that cannot be placed on the desktop for processing. Parts like this are usually made of different types of metals that can be easily managed by hand held metal engraving machine. The list of the system’s applications includes:

  • Large car and motorcycle parts like chassis, body panels and frames
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Pipes, tubes and other uneven surfaces
  • Aerospace equipment

What Marking Technology Is Employed?

Hand held equipment can use both laser and dot peening technologies, so choose the device you need depending on your application. For metal applications (like in the examples in the above paragraph) dot peen technology is in high demand.

What Are The Benefits of a Portable Marking Machine?

Mobility and flexibility of engraving tools are provided by portable versions. There are different kinds of portable machines, and the most lightweight among them are electric handheld machines.

These devices are irreplaceable for the following tasks:

  • Marking spots that are hard to reach and parts impossible to place at the desktop
  • Using the same device for various workshops
  • Limited space in the workshop
  • Frequent transporting of the device

Does One Need Special Training to Use a Hand Held CNC Marking Tool?

CNC operated systems were initially developed to make the running of engraving devices easier. Modern CNC tools are extremely easy to use, so that one operator can even supervise several machines (fixed ones).

Hand held machines are even easier to operate. To provide the smooth engraving process, they are often equipped with electromagnet base and a frame window. These enhancements increase stability and ensure accurate marking. Some devices are also employing the in-built software that is operated from the touchscreen. This allows using the device without connecting to a computer – adding even more to flexibility and mobility.

Summing up, hand held engraving machine is the right choice for approaching the parts unsuited for desktop marking and for businesses with high demands to mobility.

To choose the best hand held device, seek for the following features:

  • Electric device is less heavy and thus more mobile than pneumatic
  • A battery included makes it possible to work in any environment
  • Stabilizing tools help a lot to ensure quality and accurate marking
  • A touchscreen to autonomously operate the device saves you the need to carry a computer

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