Fastcomet Is The Right Choice Of Hosting?

Before answering this question, let me tell you it really depends on what you need.

In fact, not only fastcomet, other hosts such as Bluehost and ipage either are good. But the special thing about fast comet host is they are affordable and providing best hosting service for all kind of blogs.

Regardless of their later entry to the web hosting field they now topped to 20 best hosting in the world and giving the tight competition to their competitors.

In fact, it is a USA based company with more than 50,000+ clients around the world and it is good at handling worldwide visitors because they host datacenters on

They host websites on the best 7 different data center locations:

  1. Chicago, US North
  2. Tokyo, Japan, Asia
  3. Frankfurt, Germany, Europe
  4. Dallas, US Central
  5. London, UK Europe
  6. Singapore, Asia-Pacific
  7. Amsterdam, Netherlands, Europe

And their servers are really amazing for the reason of using SSD cloud hosting technology. Several review sites which are best at reviewing web hosting providers are rated “B” grade has least.

Do Fastcomet give 99.99% Uptime?

About Fastcomet real case study you should read here to know about fastcomet uptime where they got 99.99% uptime and 655 MS of website loading speed by using the Fastcomet hosting provider.

This really stunned me about the real service they provide to all clients without any partiality. In fact, some of the users also got 100% of uptime hosting you can read the whole thing on the Quora forum.

Website Speed Under 2 seconds

Karim Toulba a blogger who is using Fastcomet for more than 1 year and reported that using Fastcomet really increased his website loading speed under 2 seconds where he shared the actual website loading test report on quora forum.

You can check the screenshot of website loading test result above and you know his website loaded at 1.1 seconds and this is because of using the pure SSD storage disks. By optimizing your website furthermore, you can load your website under 1 seconds or even at 500 ms.


By using PHP7 you can really get boosted performance on your website by the optimized code of PHP7. Major websites like Wikipedia, Facebook all use PHP7. That’s why they are getting maximum speed.

HTTP/2 feature optimizes your website server by minimizing the server latency which results in increasing your website loading speed.

You will also get best-caching features like

  • Cloudflare
  • Varnish Cache
  • Memcached Cache

This is the premium features which you will get absolutely free of cost by hosting your website on fastcomet servers.

Live 24/7 Customer Support

Fastcomet has the best customer support and they quickly respond to all of your queries within seconds. They have two modes of communication one is through Live chat and live calling system.

Affordable Price

The base plan of the hosting price is $2.95 per month where you can host 1 website with 15gb SSD space and also get 1 free domain for the lifetime at free of cost. To get even low price hosting you can check Ipage(link) to get hosting at $1 per month.


My answer is Fastcomet is the right choice of hosting and I’ve proved it by providing every fact and result with screenshots.

So go for it without any risk they even have 45 days money back guarantee.

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