Find Out The Right Service Providers Of This Technology

As we already saw about how cdn works but they are many providers for this service all over the globe. is the world’s leader in providing this service. It was first found in US and opened its branches in Russia too. They provide various technologies like ah CDN and edge cast.  They even giver service all over the globe the packages differ upon the area it covers. The speed of the network and space of the hard disk also differ on the price. Points of presence are the important aspect of this cdn process it is shortly called as pop. It’s a geographically located data centres various caching servers forms a pop. It reduces the data searching time and delivers the content so quickly  Image result for Find Out The Right Service Providers Of This Technology

How it stores data

All the data or requested particular data are either store in ssd or in ram. All data are connected to the pop. When a particular url is clicked the pop nearest to the end user location responds first and the web page has been appeared in the window which provides 1tb sever space and speed range of 1mbps , 5 mbps , 10 mbps etc and they service with 1 and 2 processors depends on the websites users or number of visitors per day we can select various packages and all the data in the server are 100 percent secured. The data centres have been present in various countries and also some places in USA. They provide two brands one is dell and the other one is super micro. The best cdn services provide is 30 day free trial on these 30 days you can check it suit your needs and service they provide valuable for your money. Even you can earn lot of money from this service when your client your promo code while getting service your client will get 100 dollars in his account and you will get 10 percent of his spending

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