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When it comes to working in the tech field, there’s a lot to love. Tech jobs are on the rise, so there’s plenty of job security in this department, for one. And, tech has evolved so rapidly within such a short time that it’s safe to say you’ll get to witness, or even take part in, tech history being made. The tech wizardry on display in the world today is truly staggering. It leads to say, unironically, “What will they think of next?” However, as with all things good, there’s a downside, a catch. Tech jobs pay well and are satisfying, but they can also take their toll on you. They can take up much of your time and energy, leaving little of either for exercise and cooking, and this is a detrimental combination of necessities to ignore. This leads to a lower quality of life and a decrease in morale that, in turn, affects productivity. By giving up too much to your job, you become worse at your job. So, you need to find the time and energy to get yourself back in shape, and I have a few tips to help you do just that.

First and foremost, you need to eat and cook your own meals. Yes, there is a time cost you may not be able to afford as it stands. However, there is a method of food preparation, called “meal prepping,” wherein you take the time to cook a few large meals to last you throughout the week, then separate that out into separate containers, and then simply reheat a portion for each meal. Another upside of this is that your lunch for work is made in advance, as well, as is your breakfast. Many of us skip breakfast due to a lack of time, so meal prepping can be a lifesaver in terms of eating better and more regularly. You definitely need to avoid relying on processed foods like junk food and fast food on the regular, but that’s not surprising anyone at this point.

Next on the list is exercise. Not only do you miss out on valuable exercise by working a desk job, but you also miss out on said exercise because of the lack of time and energy that job fills you with after work, so you sit some more. All of the sitting we do as a society is detrimental to our health, because it weakens core muscles important in keeping us standing. This can lead to hernias, among other problems, and will definitely cause back pain. Therefore, it’s time to throw on your Columbia workout gear and start pumping iron, as they say. The best way to fit this into your schedule is to simply find a quick workout routine to do once a day, like the infamous 7 minute workout, and stick to that routine.

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