Get All The Details About Archive Manager?

Want to migrate all your old files to more effective second line storage? We have the most useful and practical solution for you.

Make use of Archive manager product and get a go-to solution for all your file storage problems resolved. If you would like to find out more then you can check out the Archiver.FS Product information page over at the MLtek website

All that you can get is NTFS right from the start till the end. More so there would be mo middle agents involved and you do not have to deal with proprietary storage too. The Archive Manager is a dependable and quite affordable way by which you will be able to achieve old content from your file servers most resourcefully. Archive Manager was chiefly designed so that it could help you in a flexible way. This way you will be able to move big files to second line storage at an affordable rate. Also it is not like the other solutions available, where you will have to deal with pseudo-document management system.


If you like the factors mentioned above, then Archive Manager is just right for you.

It is a cost effective solution and will work outstandingly well even for servers that are about 10 years old. It will work proficiently for Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2012 R2. Surprisingly, it has been working so well for Windows Server 2016 too.

Again it comes out as being unbelievably flexible. By this we mean you can move files from any kind of UNC path towards any UNC path. You can reuse the older storage devices, or achieve to an NAS device easily. You can go ahead and archive to a first tier storage along with old files being quickly compressed and saved in the space available. It will be able to aptly manage every file’s whole lifecycle right from the start to the end.

It will be able to archive from all UNC path to any UNC path. It will incorporate competently with Windows De-Duplication, Folder Compression, NTFS File together with Windows Search Server product belonging to Microsoft. From the start, when you have already paid to windows for these features, why would you be asked to repay for the product that needs to get executed on its own version since it does not employ files and flat folders to store up archived files.

It will include a wide array of stubs which could be left behind in the case of migrated files. More so you will not need any kind of agent to work for you at the workstation or file servers. Hence, this works wonderfully without the need of agent. It’s an exceptional agent less solution.

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