GoDaddy Coupon Codes: The Cheap Way to Upgrade Your Shared Hosting

Image result for GoDaddy Coupon Codes: The Cheap Way to Upgrade Your Shared HostingShared hosting can’t last forever. As your site grows in visitors or complexity, you’ll quickly start to feel the limitations of a shared hosting plan. Luckily, you can use a GoDaddy coupon code to upgrade to VPS hosting on the cheap. This style of hosting gives you much more control over your website and more resources to play with, enabling you to serve more visitors with your site’s content much more quickly.

Why Move To VPS?

To put it simply: shared hosting is limited. VPS is not. While you technically still share server resources under a VPS plan, you do so in a much more flexible way. You get to choose a VPS configuration that works well with your actual website instead of being stuck in a fixed server with unknown partners.

VPS also gives you a huge amount of control. With root access to your virtual server, you can tinker with Apache, PHP, and whatever modules and software you want. This lets you fully configure your server to deliver your content the way you want.

GoDaddy VPS Hosting Specifications

So what’s so fast about VPS? For one, the servers themselves are usually quite zippy. When you purchase a hosting plan from GoDaddy, you rent out space in one of their dedicated VPS host servers. These have two Intel E5-2620v3 processors in them as well as 1200GB of HDD space.

How fast are these processors? Very. They’re dedicated server models with 6 cores and 12 threads each, and they can clock up to 3.2 GHz. The cache on each processor is 15 MB, ensuring that all of your critical calculations can be run quickly. You don’t need to worry about memory, either, as these beasts can work with up to 768 GB of DDR4 RAM.

GoDaddy VPS Hosting Services

But what about other services? With a GoDaddy VPS plan, you also get 5,000 SMTP relays, free file and DB backups, and both Linux and cPanel access to your server. Finally, you get an SSL certificate for a whole year for free.

One of the biggest draws to VPS hosting is having full access to your virtual server. With a GoDaddy plan, you get full root access, meaning you’re free to install whatever version of PHP you want. This makes customizing your server with your favorite modules a breeze.

GoDaddy likes customer retention, so they try really hard to make upgrading your plan easy. This means you can simply give them a call anytime you need more space, bandwidth, or processing power, and they’ll immediately work with you to deliver a seamless solution. You don’t have to re-provision in order to get the upgrades you need.

Save Money with GoDaddy Coupon Codes

VPS hosting tends to be more expensive than a shared host. When you decide to upgrade, use one of these GoDaddy coupon codes to save a bit of money. You can see the best deals here

afw50host should save you a full 50% off of new hosting plans at checkout, while cjc4c gives you 60% off your choice of a .com domain. These GoDaddy promo codes will make your upgrade to VPS hosting totally painless and quite inexpensive.

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