Good News For All Android Users: Top 10 Weather Apps For Android Smartphones In 2018!

Newspaper and TV remain the best way to know the weather condition in the city you live. But what if you are traveling away from home and you are on the road. That’s where you need the help of a weather app. Applications are the best way to know the forecast anytime you need it.

In the app store, you will find dozens of weather application, but there are few apps loaded with required features. Here are given the top ten weather apps good for Android Smartphone.

  1. WeatherBug – WeatherBug has been around for a long time, and it is one such app loaded with lots of interesting features. The app is used by millions of people in the world, and it provides accurate as well as reliable information in real time. Some interesting features include 10- day forecast, lightning warning, hurricane storm alert, live webcam, severe weather alerts, and much more. Download WeatherBug App for free on your Android phone.
  2. AccuWeather – This is another app, which comes with all basic features like extended forecast, radar, alerts, current condition, etc. One main feature remains MinuteCast that tracks perception on a minute basis. You may download the app for free.
  3. Google weather – The Google application has a built-in weather app. The app pops up on your home screen when you do a weather-related search. It’s free to be downloaded and shows hourly forecasts.
  4. Weather Wiz – It is one of the best apps for android, which has all basic features like forecast, widget, beautiful theme, and UV index. The app is free, but you have to pay if you want themes.
  5. Weather Timeline – It is a well-designed application organized into a timeline view. You may scroll through hours and days to get information about real-time You have to buy the app from app store.
  6. Weather – The app has tons of positive reviews. Millions of people are using it because it has lots of features a weather app need. It has easy to use interface, and the design is quite attractive.
  7. Yahoo weather – You may browse through hourly and weekly forecast using this app. It can easily track your current location. You can easily get information about temperature, wind, perception, sunrise, and sunset.
  8. NOAA weather radar & alerts – You can get current time weather forecast for any location. It is easy to use application, and you can personalize weather report according to your preference.
  9. Weather Underground – It is one of the best apps for Android that provides an accurate forecast on demand. It features severe climatic notification, satellite maps, and interactive radar. You may know present climatic condition in your neighborhood.
  10. Weather & Radar – It is a simple and fast app that gives a forecast for the desired location. You can see the latest enhanced weather map including snow, lightning, and

Among the entire ten weather app available for Android Smartphone, WeatherBug app is considered to be the best because it has a higher rating in the app store.

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