Google announced massive discounts for both Google Pixel, just before the release of Google Pixel 2

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Pixel – the most that neither is a real “google phone”. As the main developer of Android, Google independently designed the successors of the Nexus line, which allowed it to gain complete control over both hardware and software. As a result, the company, like Apple in the iPhone, managed to achieve optimization of the practical work of any Pixel component: from the camera to the battery.

It’s that time of year when you have to decide whether to wait for the latest model and benefit from all its features, or buy the previous version at a better price, with even a couple of extra bonuses. After all, both are good smartphones, right?

So, if you plan on getting a Google Pixel, now is the time, as the smartphone costs $ 125 less.

Both the 32GB and 128GB Pixel versions cost $ 125 less: $ 524 and $ 624. However, the Google Pixel XL has a discount of $ 200.

To make the deal even more tempting, Google decided to add the free Daydream View feature (which normally costs $ 79) to each purchase; however, the free Daydream View feature is only available while supplies last.

The discounts are massive and certainly tempting. On the other hand, what is lost by not waiting for Google Pixel 2? According to the rumors that took over the media, Pixel 2 has a huge screen, from edge to edge 18: 9 screen. Moreover, the specifications will be top-notch, more likely, even though it is highly possible that the new smartphone does not have a headphone jack. Consequently, if this is a problem, the Pixel on offer now will look even better.

Given the fact that the Google Pixel 2 release date is still not secure (probably sometime in October) and you have the opportunity to get the Daydream View also for free, massive discounts are very tempting.

For a week and a half of testing the phones, I will get an absolutely amazing battery life, especially on the Pixel XL,” Bon writes. “Last Sunday I streamed the match” Vaikings”-” Texans” for two hours, used the phone for a day and obsessively scrolled Twitter during the presidential debate. By the end of the day, I still had 30%.” In his experience, one charge of “pixels” is enough for a couple of hours longer than the iPhone and Nexus of the same size.

On the test, when a device is connected to a Wi-Fi with 50% screen brightness reproduces HD video in a circle, the XL version of Pixel 2 lasted 14 hours 12 minutes (Note7 lasted seven minutes). Its “younger brother” was enough for 12 hours and 25 minutes. In normal use, said columnist Chris Velasco, from the battery of “pixels” you can easily squeeze a half or two days of work. Two days, for example, the device easily “lived” with Brian Heather of TechCrunch. From zero to 100%, found Stern, a small Pixel is charged for an hour and a half – an hour faster than the iPhone 7.


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