Heading Tags Not Showing up in Ie 9?

I made use of a friend’s computer earlier to behave quick on this website and saw that none of my heading tags were showing up in the browser (Ie 9). It was a little distressing thinking about anybody browsing my website using IE 9 because it came on the market, so for around 4 several weeks now, was seeing my website with no heading tags.

Which means that none of my page or publish game titles were showing up anywhere on the website and then any heading tags were invisible inside the text of the publish basically used them, too. Really perplexing and unprofessional, indeed.

The good thing is the tags still technically exist, so the various search engines can recognize this. The main reason you would like the various search engines to acknowledge it is because heading tags clearly inform search engines like google of the items content and much more particularly what key phrases are specifically important and really should be employed to identify what your articles is all about.

You ought to be using heading tags as frequently as you possibly can consequently. On-page Search engine optimization continues to be a fundamental part of Search engine optimization and it is easy to execute, so making use of your key phrases inside the heading tags should participate your Search engine optimization strategy. Remember to place your most targeted key phrases within the H1 tag, then less important key phrases in H2 and so forth.

It’s much more of a pleasing effect with regards to using H1 tags for the visitors because this typically just puts it inside a more prominent font. It is a problem when the heading tags aren’t turning up Whatsoever, however, because it just seems as blank space which could confuse your visitors for the way you are while using tags.

This can be a problem that could be affecting lots of WordPress based website owners or anybody using Cufon for fonts. Apparently it’s an issue with Ie 9 not suitable for some outdated versions of Cufon. I had been clearly certainly one of individuals people, but fortunately the answer is straightforward enough to enact.

Download the most recent cufon font js file in the Cufon website, then delete that old “cufon-yui.js” file and add some latest version towards the wordpress-content/styles/yourtheme/js directory of the hosting account which should repair the problem instantly.

This just proves the significance of routinely checking your site out when it comes to appearance in numerous browsers utilizing a free service like Browser Shots.

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