Helpful Tips for Optimal EMF Protection


Most electrical devices generate an electromagnetic field that’s much lower than that produced by radio waves and X-rays. Nevertheless, several other domestic appliances, including wireless baby monitors, cordless phones, and internet modems also produce radio-frequency EMF. Actually, everyone is surrounded by such EMFs in their home, office, and from their mobile phones. Studies have confirmed that prolonged exposure to EMFs can lead to severe health problems.

Sources of EMFs at home

The most common source of radiation includes personal grooming appliances such as hair dryers, toothbrushes, and shavers, which can produce intense magnetic fields during use increasing your vulnerability to cancer and leukemia.

People using electric cookers, washing machines, tumble dryers, and dishwashers also get exposed to high levels of EMF radiation. With the increasing usage of such appliances in modern life, it’s crucial to ensure that you’re protected against destructive levels of EMF radiation. There are two types of EMF you might experience at home:

Low-frequency EMF; this often comes from house wiring and mains electrical appliances.

Radio frequency EMF; these are alternating energy waves which are mainly utilized for radio communications.

Not all EMF frequencies have the same penetration qualities.

  • Low-frequency radiations don’t bounce off floors or walls; instead, they go straight through. Actually, such radiations penetrate anything including concrete, brick, and metal. Nothing blocks low-frequency EMF.
  • On the other hand, radio frequency gets easily blocked by all materials. Thick brick walls will block most of it and metal sheets stop it completely. Therefore, shielding it can be relatively simple.

But if two computers are separated by a metal sheet, they’ll still be in a position to communicate to each other. This is because radio waves reflect back on surfaces which they can’t penetrate, like metal sheets, walls, and floors, so the signal will still go through unless every possible path gets blocked. For maximum EMF protection, try out the following tips:

Keep Distance

Be cautious of the EMF produced by electrical appliances nearby. You might not have control over the street power lines, but you can try standing far from your stove when cooking.

All electrical devices, chargers, ovens, stoves, power tools, televisions, motors, and chargers radiate low-frequency EMF. Remember, most battery chargers produce a powerful punch of EMFs so be keen while using them.

To minimize exposure to such harmful radiations, ensure that you keep three feet away from electrical appliances or wiring, where possible.

Unplug Appliances

Turn off everything when not being used to avoid unnecessary radio-frequency leakages. Think about devices such as routers, wireless computers, digital phones, and microwave ovens. That’s good housekeeping, good for the environment, and great for your health!

Stay Wired

Go for wired phones! Though this sounds weird, it can save your health a great deal. Most digital appliances never stop transmitting, even at night; and this justifies the need for wired networks which are less radioactive.

Get an EMF Meter

People aren’t usually bothered by things they can’t see or feel and do not seem to be hurting them physically. However, the best way to protect against EMF radiation is to use an EMF meter. This will help you notice the effect of switching on or switching off several appliances in your house.

Ground on Earth

Research shows that real energetic grounding takes place when someone has direct contact with natural surfaces, even to an extent that destructive EMF can travel through the body. But with earth connection, you develop an improved immune system, become more alkaline, less stress, among other benefits.

If you work, try spending some time on the grass or walk barefoot during breaks. This will help protect you against harmful EMF.

Protect your Home

Get a bio-electric shield for your house or apartment, especially if you’re surrounded by too many electrical appliances. Different brands are available in the market but look for an efficient, well-tested, reliable, and scientifically approved energy neutralizer.

Avoid Bluetooth Headsets

When using your cell phone, don’t use Bluetooth wireless headsets; instead utilize the speaker or headphones. This is so because wireless devices combined with the phone can trigger excessive current flow which may even exceed the safety limits.

You may find it difficult escaping technological tools which have positively impacted on everyone’s daily life, but you can control the intensity of electromagnetic radiation that targets your body. Considering the above EMF protection tips may help you safeguard your health and future.

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