High levels of plagiarism, should I be worried?

Plagiarism is very bad for business, for SEO and for the reputation of any brand. Why? Because it shows a lack of ideas, and that your personal or whole company’s moral barometer is way way off the line. While some plagiarism is unavoidable in large manuscripts or texts, technicalities should be separated from the obscene cases of blatant plagiarism. If your content or your document is determined to have high level of plagiarism, should it worry you?

Yes and No at the same time

If the content is already published or you have already paid the writer or content creator for it – then yes. Publishing something plagiarised is very bad for SEO, for your brand and the readers themselves. If they see that the content is clearly out of place or written by somebody else – they will turn away from you. Search engines punish those who plagiarise severely also. Your results will be greatly diminished.

No, you shouldn’t worry if the content production is in its early stages. You can always change it and improve things for the better. How? Use a plagiarism checker with percentage scoring for better accuracy. Why not a regular checker but a plagiarism checker with percentage? It’s because percentage points provide better starting and reading points. You can see improvements and downgrades better. Platforms like Plagramme are going to benefit every writer, editor, publisher etc.

Check it out for yourself:


So, you should worry and shouldn’t, it all depends on the situation you are in.

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