How a Paywall Can Help You


It is hard to get ahead in any business venture on the internet.  It is so easy for anybody and everybody to start an internet business – that means more professional competition for everyone.  Plus, the internet can reach literally millions of people across the globe – that means that we business owners have to work very hard and get very innovative to reach our customer base.  All in all, starting an internet business, or keeping it going strong, is very challenging indeed.  That’s where a paywall plugin can help all of us!

Basically, a paywall plugin is a subscribe button like you see on YouTube channels and videos.  You purchase the plugin and install it on the pages of your website (or websites) and it places a convenient subscribe button right there for your customers to click on.  You can have it configured to offer a variety of subscription options too so your customers have a choice for how they pay for their subscriptions.  Not only does this paywall plugin give your customers a convenient way to subscribe to your content, it also gives you, the business owner, an easy way to track your customers and where you get them from.

Now, it may sound like a subscription button would only be useful for digital content sites like blogs e-zines but, if you get creative about it, this WordPress paywall plugin can help anybody’s business grow!  Just picture it – you actually have an e-shop that sells hand-crafted gifts. How does one subscribe to something like that?  Easy!  Add a tutorial section to your shop or send out a newsletter so customers can track sales and local events.  Offer a discount on gifts if customers subscribe to the newsletter.  Voila! You have a reason for customers to subscribe and keep coming back to your site!  Or maybe you deal in antiques – start a history blog that customers can subscribe to!  With a subscription paywall plugin, you have just monetized your content almost effortlessly!

The help you can get from the best paywall plugin for a site that specializes in digital content may seem self-explanatory but, here are a few ideas anyway.  Say you sell plastic canvas patterns, one at a time.  What if you decided to offer a special pattern every month?  A convenient subscribe button could sure help you increase your customer base and fairly quickly at that!  And, if you have regular subscribers, you also have a regular income stream to help you grow your business!  You can’t ask for better than that!

Whether your business is exclusively in digital content like blogs and tutorials, or you run a shop of some kind, there is some way that you can use a paywall plugin to help your business grow!

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