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SEO and PPC may seem way apart, but when properly executed and efficaciously organized the duo can serve as a power-packed combo! Many organizations use SEO to yield first-page search results in the desperation to bring in more traffic to their web pages. Organic search has always been assumed as a trusted resource to bring visitors to the landing pages. But a lot goes into SEO, and it may take time generating the desired results. AdWords or paid search, on the other hand, may not be everyone’s cup of tea but can return targeted, relevant, and interested traffic towards your landing pages effectively, in no time. In that manner, it serves as a helpful traffic referrer. Although both organic and paid search manipulates keywords, they have an entirely different approach to target the audiences. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements are more focused towards a call-to-action. Users taken to the landing pages of a shopping portal are more likely to buy a product. Complementary organic results, on the other hand, may serve to be more informative to the visitor, and help them learn more about the goods or services offered. Traffic routed via PPC doesn’t vary with the placement or position of the advertisement. Similar is not the case with organic search. But, if you wish to achieve excellent results and cater to a wider audience, you must hone the power and possibilities of both. When their Savoir Faire is combined, they both are likely to complement each other to do wonders for any organization.

A well-organized efficiently executed PPC campaign can magnificently complement your SEO attempts. The insights and customer orientation obtained via AdWords can provide valuable keyword data that you can use in effective SEO. On the other hand, SEO traffic can be utilized by PPC  to generate credible remarketing lists. The duo when combined serves various benefits as listed below:

  •    Social Extensions: You should hone the power of social extensions to combine the effectiveness of SEO and PPC. You can encourage the visitors of your web pages routed via SEO to add your links on Google+. This attempt can benefit your PPC campaign in gaining valuable information regarding how your customers are following your brand. SEO team can share quality content to create a credible list of followers. PPC team can, in turn, use the list by generating reliable, trustworthy advertisements to re-route customers.
  •    Geographic Data: Google analytics provide valuable insights regarding the geographic locales of your customers and visitors. By filtering the SEO traffic by geographic location, PPC team can devise an effective, comprehensive strategy for bidding. Similarly, SEO can also use the geographic data obtained from paid search campaigns to fuel local search campaigns for targeting the demand for their services and products.
  •    Ad Copy and Meta-Description: One primary concern of any PPC or SEO professional is to escalate Click through Rate. A high CTR in SEO draws more traffic and improves rankings. A high CTR in PPC generates better Quality Score leading to better advertisement positioning on the search page. You must come up with effective strategies to increase the CTR. You must engage customers by either using price, a direct call-to-action, raising a question, displaying your USP, or by making a seasonal copy. When you combine SEO and PPC, you get a fair idea about which strategy is working best for your customers. With a better insight and information gained via AdWords, SEO team can tweak the meta-descriptions. Similarly, PPC professionals can make variations in their ads by utilizing the ideas and insight obtained from successful meta-descriptions. In this manner, both can have a win-win situation to improve their CTR.
  •    Content Marketing: SEO tools can help your PPC campaigns. One such tool is Google Display Network that you can use to place your ads on other web pages where they fit in a relevant context. This tool helps you analyze which pages are generating a CTR for your ads. You can use this information gained via placement reports for identifying topics for your next content marketing campaign.
  •    Site Link Extensions: SEO teams can identify which of the PPC site links have better CTR. This information can help SEO teams in determining the organic site links to keep for the organic search results. Analyzing the performance of a PPC ad containing a site link can generate valuable information for SEO.
  •    Third-party Sitelink Extension: Sometimes, AdWords site links point to third-party site links such as Youtube, Facebook, and Google. This practice can not just be good for building a brand reputation but can also lead to more likes and new followers. In other words, site links to third-party websites can help in promotional Content Marketing. When PPC campaigns are targeted to social profiles, users feel encouraged to follow the page. This following helps in growing a brand.
  •    Site Speed: Slow loading pages are not just detrimental for SEO but can also cause serious trouble with PPC. Slow loading pages can harm search rankings as well as your Quality Score making PPC a more expensive endeavor. Site speed reports obtained from find pages and Analytics help in improving both SEO and PPC.
  •    Landing Pages: A good landing page is an important consideration for both SEO and PPC. A quality landing page not just improves the Quality Score thereby increasing the ranking of an Ad but also decreases the cost per click. You can use your SEO insights and knowledge to create smart, engaging, and unique landing pages for both SEO and PPC.
  •    Keyword Research: The obvious benefit of using SEO and PPC together is a dual and efficacious use of the keyword data. While the PPC results can provide better insight in choosing the best keywords for SEO, Google search data can be utilized by PPC to target new improvised keywords for the paid campaign. AdWords campaign provides actual search volume for specific keywords. This data can provide invaluable assistance to an SEO professional in mapping specific keywords to relevant URLs.

SEO and PPC, when used in a combination, can work wonders for any organization irrespective of their domain or area of specialization! So if you are planning to get your profits rolling, look for a pay per click marketing agency that can design an effective PPC campaign to complement the efforts of your SEO professionals.


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