How Reputation Management Companies Can Help Charlie Sheen

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Reputation management companies can help celebrities or the everyday John Doe come back from reputational heartbreak. While it takes years to build up the perfect persona for yourself, it can all come crashing down if the right tabloid gets a hold of a riveting news story or last night’s tweet responding to a monumental time in history was portrayed in untimely words. It is these individuals who may realize that they need to seek out reputation management companies to camouflage their most embarrassing moments, which have of course left a trace of venom on Google’s search engine results page.

Charlie Sheen was one of the most well-paid actors on the show Two and a Half Men, until he began to antagonize his boss with ill-suited and inappropriate comments. He dug his own grave, to say the least. Sheen was making $1.8 million for every episode he starred in, and his gnarly comments cost the show $10 million in lost revenue after they had to cease production. Here’s what went down: Sheen made awful comments about his hatred for his boss Chuck Lorre through the use of defamatory, anti-Semitic words that bespoke of his boss’ Jewish background. These words were said none other than on a public, online interview with TMZ. In March of 2012, he was rightfully fired from the show. The show went on without him by having staged his off-screen death due to a freak subway crash in Paris.

Although all of Sheen’s actions and words were despicable, he has attended rehab many times and may eventually regain his mental health. If that day comes, he will likely try to regain entrance into the Hollywood scene once again. That’s where reputation management companies can help by trying to suppress the bad news that revolve around his name in order to push up better news about his days of fame. ORM (online reputation management) works by suppressing bad news to make light of the good news by building new microsites, social profiles and backlink juice for the client. Since your reputation is at the heart of your work as an actress or actor, you better make sure that it’s sparkling clean before you start picking up those gigs. Producers are going to want to ensure that your acting will get them star ratings. While the climb to a beautiful reputation is a long, winding, upward one—Google will reward you better if you start earlier versus keeping it for late in the game.

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