How to boost Elo in SoloQ as AD Carry

SoloQ Boosting in League of Legends

Ranked matches in LoL could be terrible because of teammates. But in this article, i will show three champions that could easily win your game, even if you will be the only one who desires the victory. Riot Games quickly nerf such champions, so you need to know the actual meta to pick the strongest champions, if you want to quickly boost Elo in League of Legends.  

Also, these champions will serve you as a boost to leave an EloHell. If you know what it is, then you must know how awful it is. You are doing everything you can, but still lose the game, because your teammates prefer to pick useless champions. But the terrible truth about Elo Hell, that the main reason why you stuck here is you. You must admit that you are a bad player, to fix mistakes and climb to the next level of LoL gaming. If you master some of the Meta Champions you will be able to carry games, so stop whining, and learn how to play properly.

Best ADC for SoloQ boosting in League of Legends 

AD Carry is the very core of a team, so if you pick this role, you definitely must know how to play as ADC. There are plenty of OP AD Carry in the Pre-Season 8, all of them are extremely useful in teamfights and quite easy-to-learn. But only one of them could claim the Throne of the Most OP ADc Champion in preseason 8.

Ezreal | Or how to destroy enemy Team in a blink of an eye 

Ezreal is incredibly strong AD Carry champion in League of Legends, and below I will show you why. First of all, Ezreal has a long story of being the best ADc in the League of Legends since his release. Yes, he falls out of meta from time to time, but he always finds his way back to the top.

Ezreal’s impact on the game could not be underestimated, but in the early game, he not as strong as other popular ADc. So be careful and be aware, farm your first items to evolve into the deadliest machine in the Summoner’s Rift.

Ezreal’s strongest side is his OP skillshots that have incredible and terrifying damage. With only Muramana and Trinity Force or Iceborn Gauntlet, he became the strongest ADC until reaching 3-4 items. But even in the late game, he will not turn into a pumpkin, and still will be able to deal impressive amounts of damage.

Pre-Season 8 Ezreal Runes 

With the great rework of the runes, Ezreal’s rune build changes dramatically. In Preseason 8 he chooses Inspiration and Sorcery rune paths with next runes:

  • Kleptomancy – OP rune on Ezreal. He could proc it on all stages of the game with Mystic Shot, and with this rune he receiving a ton of additional gold, and other useful features like potions.
  • Biscuit Delivery – Helps to survive the early stage of a game.
  • Magical Footwear – Save your money for boots, allowing you to go straight to the cheap Trinity Force.
  • Cosmic Insight – Ezreal is ADC but a spellcaster, so we definitely want lower CDs.
  • Manaflow Band – As I mentioned above – Ezreal is spellcaster, and he wants and needs some extra mana.
  • Scorch – Additional damage to Mystic Shot? I’ll take two!

Perfect build for Ezreal, destroyer of ranked matches 

Ezreal is heavily depended on items, so you need to rush your core items as quickly as you can. Here Kleptomancy will help you a lot, and will give you tons of free gold (if you will be able to land every Mystic Shot.

So the base core build for Ezreal, from where he could start to reap souls from the enemies in 2-3 shots is next:

  • Ionian Boots of Lucidity – Ezreal is caster, and casters love CDR items;
  • Muramana – a ton of additional damage from skill shots. Like we need something another?
  • Trinity Force – CDR with some survivability, just great item. Must have for most caster and Ezreal;
  • OR Iceborn Gauntlet – Another CDR item, that is greatly increasing our Mana. Excellent synergies with Muramana and slows your enemies upon landing an auto attack;
  • Blade of the Ruined King – skill shots are great, but we are AD Carry, right? Core item on most ADC champions.
  • Lord Dominik’s Regards – If we need a tool to kill a fatty tank, or enemies are just very dense.


Ezreal too OP for LoL | Summing up

Ezreal is a really OP champion whose skillshots just disintegrate enemies if you learn how to use them right. If you are able to land every shot, then you will quickly achieve the desired rank. He is really hard-to-master champion so that you may need some coaching advice from the real pros, and here Boosteria would gladly help. Diamond V and higher players (Boosteria’s employees) will gladly offer you a helping hand, and will share with you really neat data about Ezreal. They may even play some matches in DuoQ to train you and give some helpful advice.

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