How to Download Clip Art Easily

If you are looking for unique free clipart images to use in your Microsoft Publisher 2007 document, you can download this clip art from “Microsoft Office Online.” There is a wide selection of clip art on the site that can easily be downloaded and used in your document.

The First Thing

Open Microsoft Publisher 2007 by double-clicking the program icon or choosing from the Start menu. Once publisher is open, start a new document or open an existing file to which you want to insert a clip art into.

  • Select the “Insert” menu at the top of the editor window, point to the word “image” and click “Clip Art” from the menu to open the “clipart” task pane. The “clipart” pane opens on the left side of the editor’s screen.
  • Click “Clip Art on Office Online” at the bottom of the “Clip Art”; Office pane. The clip art page in “Microsoft Office Online” opens in your internet browser.
  • Use the “Clip art” search box at the top of the screen to type keywords for the clip art you want to download. Click the “Search” button to find clip art that matches your keywords on the site. Click to add a check mark in the check box below each clip art that you want to download in Publisher.

Highlight and click on the “Download X item” link in the blue band at the top of the displayed clip art. The “X” represents the number of items you have borrowed. The free clip art flowers are there also.

Complete the download request by clicking “Download Now” from the next screen. You will then be able to download the selected clip art and use them in your Publisher document.

Hawaiian Flower Clip Art Borders Free Clipart Images - Hawaiian Flower Png (600x496)

Vector profession clip art, free download

Clip art software with rich vector graphics, including profession clip arts.It is easy to draw drawings with these free profession clipart to download. With the Watercolor Flowers and many more available, the effects get the best.

Vector profession clip art

Many cliparts are included in Edraw Max, which is perfect for illustrating all your professional and personal projects with this easy-to-use software. You can personalize your business cards, greeting cards, letterheads, menus, even the website and many more! Discover the amazing ease of use of cliparts in the Clipart category to draw more live diagrams.

Clip Art – Profession

The following forms of profession clipart include certain professions such as priest, law officer, lawyer, police officer, teacher, student, physician, female employee, nurse, writer, secretary, artist, etc.

How to use this software Clipart – professions

They can be inserted in other diagrams to make the computer graphics livelier. They can also form drawings on themselves. For example, you can put four vehicle cliparts on an A4 drawing page to make four flashes of cards. Print it and cut it into four pieces.

Start! You will love this easy to use diagram software.

This is perfect not only for professional-looking organization charts, flowcharts, mind maps, but also network diagrams, architectural plans, workflows, fashion designs, UML diagrams, electrical diagrams, illustration of science, charts and tables and that’s just the beginning.

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