How To Grow Your Pinterest Follower Base

You know, you can get new and free visitors from Pinterest to your website!

Why spending time growing Pinterest followers? It’s not compulsory, but it’s a process when you’re getting traffic from Pinterest.

This one aspect is that you should work on growing your Pinterest profile’s followers.

You’ll get more visibility firstly from your Pinterest followers. In the long term, this is how you grow your site’s brand.

You’ll get more free traffic to your website in the long run.

After all, Pinterest is an image search engine, and at the same time it is one of the best free traffic sources on the internet.

Start following other Pinterest users. It’s about get and give. If you want to get, you have to also give. Simple.

Make sure you fill out your Pinterest profile – This is actually the easiest step to complete, but most users may even miss it.

Surely you do use other social media platforms. Some examples are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You should leverage. Find friends that are already on other social media, and connect them again on Pinterest.

You have to create new Boards, and you need to start posting new Pins (i.e. images) to those Boards.

Find other Pinterest users’ profiles, and go through what they usually pin. Engage with them and create opportunities of conversations. i.e. You can mention other users in the text description of a Pin, or the Comments section.

Find Pins that are popular on Pinterest, and comment on them. Again, this may well create chances for you to start conversations with any users.

You can run a contest. Choose a topic relevant to the images that you normally pin on Pinterest, and run a contest. Contests are always a good source to increase invisibility and your follower base should subsequently grow.

Make sure you understand what your followers expect from you, and then you can keep them happy.

If you’ve been accepted to join other users’ Pinterest Boards, then you’re responsible to contribute to those Boards that you have joined. Share your Pins to all the Boards that you’ve been accepted. The most important thing is to make sure what you pin doesn’t break any Board rules.


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