How to record webinar on PC

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Webinars are meetings that take place over the internet which may be in the form of a presentation, demonstration, discussion, lecture or an instructional session. Webinars help in eliminating barriers of geographical boundaries.

Often users would like to record webinars for future reference as they can be viewed a numerous times helping people to make notes, presentations on the webinar and also helping people with lower grasping power or people who have missed a portion or an entire webinar. Recorded webinars can also be shared on social media networks and incase someone missed a paid webinar.

ezTalks Webinar allows up to 100 participants in its free version and up to 500 participants in its paid premium version and is an effective tool to communicate with clients, employees, off-site employees and other stake holders.

Some features of ezTalks Webinar include good audio and video clarity, file sharing, screen sharing, interactive whiteboard, private and group chat, instant messaging feature, recording and playback facility etc. This video conferencing platform is also compatible across all PC and mobile devices, i.e. can be used on Windows, Linux, OS X, Android, iOS etc.

When the question arising how to record a webinar on your PC free, ezTalks Webinar standouts out in provide solutions to how to record webinar on PC free.

Webinars can be recorded using the following steps.

  1. Download and install ezTalks Webinar. Register and sign in your ezTalks Webinar account.
  2. Click Start A Meeting, navigate through the interface.
  3. Start or Join a meeting. Users can start a meeting by inviting their friends and colleagues to join them in a web-meeting or a webinar. Users can also join a meeting by accepting a webinar invitation sent to them.
  4. Once in a meeting, click on the red dot resembling the record symbol on the bottom to record a webinar to start recording a webinar. Users can pause a recording by clicking pause and start recording by pressing record.
  5. This recorded seminar is saved in the file allocated by the user in the settings.

It is very simple to record webinars on PC using ezTalks Meet. These recording can be helpful for future use and reference.

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