How to send Long Videos on Whatsapp or in Email

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Technology has advanced to such a level that it is now impossible to lead a life without the daily gadgets we are used to using every day. The only reason why we are so fond of technology is because it makes our life a lot simpler. With the introduction of technology, our life has become extremely fast paced. Earlier in order send a message to someone, we had to write letters, which would take days to reach the receiver. But technology is trying to remove the waiting factor at every stage. Now our message can be delivered real-time with the use of Mails or chat platforms.

With the introduction of WhatsApp, communication has become so much easier and faster. Businesses and individuals rely on WhatsApp to communicate with their peers or loved one in their day to day lives. Whether it is lecture notes, presentation video or simply a normal motivational or funny video, everything can be shared via Whatsapp in a matter of seconds.

But this also has its limitations, as both WhatsApp and mail cannot deliver files over 16mb and 20 MB respectively. For this reason, apps to reduce video size on Android have been introduced. To know more about the apps which can reduce the size of any videos, you can check

Let not the video memory prevent you from sharing with your peers

Previously Whatsapp was only used to send texts. But with the advancement of technology, this platform introduced features, where we can send videos, photos and documents.

Videos play an important role in our lives because it is easier to grasp things from a video than reading. Nowadays training institutes, corporates and other institutions use videos to teach or train. These videos are often shared via WhatsApp, but the main glitch is, if any video is more than 16MB, then the file will not be delivered. That is why by using apps to reduce video size on android, you can reduce the memory size of your videos and send it across, without having to face any difficulties.

If you are worried about the quality getting spoilt because of video compression, then you are in a wrong notion. Your quality hardly gets affected when you compress it.

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